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  1. So they are slowly becoming the Bobcats?
  2. Definitely a better idea than going back to the Classic Logo. I think the Angry Dolphin was a good update to the classic sans the navy.
  3. Yes. The 12 feathers on the pant leg strip and back of the neck represent the 12th Man. I saw this in a few articles about the Nike revamp.
  4. Actually there have been some limited edition Nike x Levis collaboration on jeans
  5. This is going to be horrible. I have seen some of the Fanatics branded merchandise and the quality was not great. I saw someone with a Seahawks sweatshirt, the green was off and the material looked really cheap.
  6. I actually like the old set with an all black helmet over these. Last years may have been a little busy, but these are almost a off the shelf high school set.
  7. They should have kept the same scale on the hat bill that is on the Numbers. As a kid I remember being fascinated by the design of the Maryland flag.
  8. I would like most of them sans the team logo.
  9. Why in the hell are thy putting logos on the on the field socks. It was bad enough that they were doing on the fan/fashion socks.
  10. From the @MLB Twitter In answer to: Who are the red ones with white stripes for? Red ones are for @Angels, @Reds, @RedSox, @Cardinals and @Nationals I also read somewhere, don't remember where, that these are spring training socks, more team-centric designs to come for regular season.
  11. Swap Mavericks with Pistons and you have the 90s
  12. This look with the current or updated logo. Even as a kid I thought that logo was bad and awkward.
  13. Maybe take the previous and tweak it.
  14. Is this dye sublimated? If so, that is a new low.
  15. Just wish they would have done something else with pants and socks, but "Color Rush".