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  1. It looks like someone did this almost freehand on a piece of paper instead of using illustrator and you know right angles.
  2. I was really confused at first when I saw this picture... is that Danny Manning? Then I see Kevin Johnson, Paul Westphal and Danny Ainge. Oh Arizona/Phx. Cool.
  3. Products up at Looks worse, khaki like.
  4. That is one of the worst representations of hats I have ever seen.
  5. Navy Jersey with a Navy bolt on the helmet. Interesting, Color rush?
  6. The all Brown is complete trash, so why not go all in and remove the stripes from the helmet to compete the look.
  7. I don't know why... but I think I like this. Down size the logo, then .... maybe.
  8. Wonder if that is what the horn will look like on the helmet???
  9. The logo needs to be flipped. looks odd facing that way. Even on his logo sheet comparison, it is facing the opposite of all other logos.
  10. This seems like a women's team name to me, maybe because of the WNBA Team