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  1. the-new-liverpool-third-kit-is-hideous.jpg

    I am at a complete loss for words. I seriously have no earthly idea how this could be ok'ed by people at Warrior AND Liverpool. This might be the worst kit I've ever seen.

    I know the shirt has been posted before, but this is the first look at the entire thing. Mismatched socks and all.

  2. Since we're talking about matte white and two-toned facemaskes, to me, this is the one helmet that does both really well.


    It works because all the elements flow really nicely and there is actual purpose in the design. When that helmet is in the sun, the silver elements really shine in contrast to the muted, matte white.

    I actually think matte white is rather nice and makes things pop. My only worry with that Louisville helmet is how noticeable the decals will be in the sun. A vinyl sticker is a lot different than a metallic element that is, for a lack of a better term, built into the helmet.

  3. nebraska-black-unis-helmet.jpg

    Can we talk about this :censored:ing facemask for a second! Not only does it feature my least favorite trend with the multi-colored facemask, but it fades from a glossy red to a MATTE black. Who thought that was a good idea?! There is just zero continuity in that helmet. Why have a black matte facemask if the black helmet stripe is glossy?

    I don't mind the uniform and I actually dig the color scheme, but jesus do I hate that facemask.

  4. 8958541613_46bddb12e0_o.jpg8958541611_93f7285dc3_o.jpg

    It really is quite amazing how much a buttoned collar can affect how nice this shirt looks. If it's unbuttoned, like Patrice Evra, it looks fantastic, but if it's buttoned, like Nemanja Vidic, it looks decidedly less fantastic.

    All in all, I dig it. The AON logo is a blight on an otherwise classy shirt, but such is life. And yes, someone needs to put it upon themselves to pop that collar in the name of the King. I'm talking to you Robin Van Persie. But seriously, how did Nike miss out on the opportunity to have Cantona doing that in this ad?!

  5. Ohio State is supposedly getting the Oregon treatment this upcoming season. That is according to this Reddit post...

    Oh wonderful.

    I would like to think they would keep the changes simple.

    This makes absolutely zero sense to me. Ohio State is one of the most established and identifiable brands in college football, why would you want to muddle that with a hodgepodge of different colors and combinations?

  6. New helmet option for Eastern Michigan next season? Just saw it on Twitter.


    Is this the same school that copied Oregon with wings on the shoulders?

    Yep. Just going all in on copying them now. May as well cover all of the bases.

    It's even worse considering they aren't even the first Mid-Level Michigan team to copy Oregon's carbon fiber motif


  7. rumored crest change for Man United?


    3 stars?

    I was thinking that too. This is their 20th title. shouldn't it be 2?

    Three European Cups.

    /English clubs can't wear championship stars in-league anyways.

    Thanks for the explanation crash

    This isn't real. Someone made it for a contest and it's come up as the "new crest" both this season and last.

    Not to mention it doesn't feature any gold/ yellow.

    And the fact that the fans would literally kill the Glazers if they changed anything historically associated with the club.

  8. Players and recruits love them, that's ALL that really matters.

    It's been said ad nauseum...but it's funny how trendy colors don't matter when the team is perennially good.

    North Carolina basketball never needed black uniforms to attract recruits.

    Black uniforms are a gimmick - that's all they are. No more, no less. You know when your team is :censored:ty? When it just added a BFBS uniform (lone exception is Oregon).

    I think you're exactly right. And I have a nasty feeling WVU is next on the BFBS train.

    I'm kind of worried Wisconsin might do something similar. There's been a lot of black in spring practices and there have been some little hints that some alt unis and "more gear" could be on the horizon.

    But back to UNC: How do you go from those really nice stripes on the previous helmets to just throwing up a bland black or blue one. Easily my biggest disappoint in this redesign.

  9. Per a friend at adidas, they obtained some of these jerseys for UM to try in practice as they work to give them a jersey cut everyone is satisfied with since Michigan players have continually had issues with the TechFit jersey.

    It should be noted that Michigan is the only Adidas school that has had these repeated problems with football and basketball uniforms. That strikes me as a bit odd. I know first-hand that Tennessee hasn't had these issues in either sport. Players loved the Techfit, with rare exceptions.

    I don't really understand this. Is Michigan being forced to wear techfits? Wisconsin has never worn techfits, aside from the Nebraska game last year, and even then only some of the players wore techfits.

    Along this topic, not only do the techfits look ugly IMO, but I'd go as far as to say that they put you at a competitive disadvantage. The way those armholes are cut makes it very easy for offensive linemen to latch on and hold defenders and the stretch makes it very hard for the defender to break loose.

  10. Man that Wisconsin concept might be the best I've seen, honestly. Wisconsin is a very hard brand to tinker with because their current look is classic but it also resembles other uniforms, and there aren't many secondary logos or colors to draw from when tinkering with it. You still managed to maintain the simple and classic ethos while giving it a more sleek and current upgrade. The variation on the double stripe looks fantastic, Seriously great work.

  11. I am completely drawing a blank here, but the BCS selects its home teams based on the higher ranked team right? If so that means Wisconsin will be in white, and with Barry at the helm for the Granddaddy, I'm going to put down Bucky will be wearing red pants, a staple under Barry at the rosebowl if away team. I hope they still have the jersey and helmet from last years game with the rose print, but for sure I'm saying red pants

    I'm fairly positive this will never happen, but I think the red pants with the alt red helmet (sans the black face mask) could look pretty sweet.


  12. I know they use designers for all levels from D1 Colleges all the way down to local Oregon based High School rebrands.

    Hopefully Ill be able to say more about the former in the not too distant future, but here is a recent high school case in point:


    Totally off topic but it's crazy that it's hard to pick out Galen Rupp, who is 26, in a room full of 14-18 year olds. In terms of this rebrand it's not all that out of the blue considering Nike's heavy influence in the high school cross country scene.

  13. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Carol City High School Chiefs

    Well, I'd say this set is tasteless on several levels-both in the "ugly" and "tacky" sense and in the "JESUS CHRIST YOU ASSHATS CENTERED AN INDIAN'S HEAD ON THE CROTCH OF YOUR PANTS" sense. Clearly an affront to all sense of decency and common sense-I welcome the Native American picket line.

    I'll have to admit that this isn't a bad look at all. Kind of reminds me of MLB's turn-ahead-the-clock promo back in the day. It's growing on me. I can see the UniWatch liberals having a field day with this though; which is also almost as equally entertaining.

    What the hell is a uniwatch liberal? What does that even mean?

  14. That Boise State helmet would be in the running for best ever if their colors were black and silver. It's a great looking design and color combination. The uniforms that go with it are just bad though. The gradient numbers are horrible and blue and orange is a color combination that typically doesn't look very good with black as a base color to me.

    That and the first thing I think of when I see them is Florida. No matter how many times I look at them, my first reaction is never to identify it as a BSU jersey but as Florida one.

  15. Adidas is giving Wisconson and Nebraska new cleats there calling it spotlight. From what I see on this website they transistion from black to white. Man I want these so bad.


    They still look black to me.. either the TV cameras aren't catching it or they aren't doing what they're advertised to do

    Yeah I think they just react to the flash of a camera...which just makes it look like the photo is overexposed