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  1. And the fact that it's sponsored by a designer, so only their schools will appear in the tourney.

    On a side note, I'm looking forward to the Under Armor National Championship between Northwestern and Maryland and the Nike National Championship between Oregon and Oklahoma State.

    Some of these design-related things are so "put on" that it's quite silly.

    my understanding is that it's not sponsored by Nike and it is being organized by MSU's athletic director in honor of Phil Knight and Nike.

  2. arsenal jersey looks even more horrible on tv :(

    not as bad as this Magpies / Spurs game...both these kits are AWFUL!

    yeah I'm not a fan of the white back on the Newcastle shirt. If you aren't going to have the stripes back there at least make it black.

  3. Given this image:


    I'm guessing that ND will be sporting green for the Chicago game and/or Dublin game.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see them wear it for Dublin

    everything we've seen so far of the Dublin uniform set has been blue, white, and gold. I don't know how a green jersey would fit with all of that.

  4. new VT helmets (supposedly from Beamer's website)"


    :Oo: Is that a prank?

    I hope not, because those are so bad they're hilarious.

    It sort of does look like a prank. The helmet is just solid white with the decals. Seems like a lazy job on VT's part for just slapping helmet decals on a plain white helmet.

    Apparently they're real and will be used in a "white out" game September 22 against Bowling Green. So they could go storm trooper....with that helmet....yikes.

  5. I mean this is totally ridiculous. How the hell did several the NFL teams allow this to see the field?

    Are teams that chose blocked flywire collars going to be stuck with this for 5 years?

    And anyone notice how extra "fly" Drew Brees' uniform was. Huge flywire section. Even bigger than the offensive lineman. And the pants looked awful, especially when the lineman began to sweat through them.


    Lighting, photography, and monitors play some weird tricks, I know. But man, does it ever look like there's gray outlines on Brees' shoulder numbers instead of gold. I know that they aren't gray, but the fact that they can even appear that way is really odd, and just reinforces for me that the Saints picked the wrong shade to standardize.

    god I forgot just how much unadulterated hatred I had for that shoulder roll looking collar design. It makes a jersey that's supposed to be light and sleek, look bulky and frumpy.

  6. Is anyone else really bothered by the fact that theres a vertical stripe on the undershirt but not on the actual jersey in the yoke. It might be slightly anally retentive, but it's just one of those things that really bugs me. And I actually think a vertical stripe in the yoke would look rather nice.

    Anyone with better photoshop skills than me want to quickly throw something together/



  7. 399539_402200239828826_1044727485_n.jpg

    GDU, are these the fourth HGI TCU helmets you were talking about?

    For those of you interested, the caption reads: "Another HGI design ready to ship... This one is sooo bright it has been tough to keep under wraps!" I think HGI is kind of *nudge, nudging, wink, winking* that they are for Northwestern. I thought their helmets looked pretty shiny in the UA photos so it'll be interesting to see if they get the chrome/metallic treatment or just a high gloss pearl job.

  8. The W on either the shoulder or something of the new Wisco Uniform. 561367_10152005876020249_1854994335_n.jpg

    hmm I'm pretty sure those are gloves. They look similar to the Nebraska gloves with oversized letters and they have that grainy like appearance consistent with glove prints. I can't really think of anything else they could be. The shape and size of the W would look weird on a helmet, I don't know where they'd go on the sleeve given that we're led to believe there are numbers and vertical stripes, and it can't go on the chest given the uniform is white. And I don't think they'll wear red pants given that Nebraska is wearing them.

  9. im starting to think the reason Nebraska's jersey is similar to Michigan's is because that IS the point of it, and this game is an Under The Lights 2012 event

    Found this on the facebook page, along with the new teaser image. The image is something that you can't really experience from the photos of the uniforms, but it surely is interesting and original:


    These special adizero 5 Star cleats were designed to commemorate the 7:00 PM CST kickoff. This marquee contest is adidas' first UNRIVALED Game, an annual match-up of top adidas programs. These aren?t just the lightest cleats being worn in college football this season; these cleats will come to life under the lights. Check back tomorrow as we unveil a new aspect of the uniform, which will be fully unveiled Monday, August 6th at 12:00 PM CST.

    ?LIKE? if you?re excited to see what we?ve got in-store for tomorrow...



    Because when I hear flashy cleats, I think of Nebraska and Wisconsin. Should be interesting. I'm hoping for 3D.

  10. Apparently it's a crime for two teams with the same colors to play each other like that?

    *Sigh* No, it is really dumb that Wisconsin abandoned its offical school color to co-op a look of an established national powerhouse, and it's silly that those two teams now have to resort to wearing garish alternates each year when they play to cover up for the fact that their uniforms are identical but for a helmet stripe. It would be easy to further distinguish Wiscy from Nebraska. Step 1: Wisconsin switches back to its actual school color.

    LOL. They've played each other six times total in the history of both football programs, they have worn alternates in exactly none of those games. They don't play each other each year. The sleeve stripes are clearly different, and wouldn't it be just as easy for Nebraska to switch to it's actual school color, cream?

    And how do you know that Wisconsin switched shades of red because of Nebraska?

  11. Sounds like Wisconsin will get special uniforms for their game against Nebraska according to Bielema's twitter

    ?@BretBielema: Be on the lookout for some sneak peak at some of our gear to be worn at our B1G opener against Nebraska. Featuring two of best Adidas teams.?

    I'm not nauseated by Wisconsin breaking out special uniforms, but I am by the fact that a coach would identify his team by who provides its uniforms.

    The funny thing is UW is currently suing Adidas. But I don't really understand your point considering how prominent a role brands play in college football.

  12. tcuedited.jpg.728x520_q85.jpg

    Still disappointed that they didn't make this the primary uniform.

    God, I forgot how EXACTLY the same those looked like the '95 NU Rose Bowl unis:


    EDIT: and note, USC is the team in the Northwestern stripes in that game... :censored:ing shameful.

    lol what the hell. That's kind of creepy how similar they look. Even the patches are super similar.

  13. You have to realize the pants are two toned. Orange on the front. Green on the back. FAMU will always have the worst REGULAR uniforms in DI football.

    I honestly think Wyoming's uniforms shown here are one of the worst ever worn. The 'Bear' pants, 'WYO' script, odd shoulder inserts...camo...colors. Holy cow...just absolutely terrible.

    Everybody on this board knows that I love Nike uniforms, but I have to admit that even though I am proud they introduced a new uniform with pant striping, this is still by far the worst uniform they have ever released! Absolute Garbage!

    As GDU seemed to point out above, I think this is a Wyoming thing more than a Nike thing.

  14. And the berets are...hideous.


    They look better when worn properly. Bad example.

    Actually that's the perfect example. Why? Because no one in this country knows how to wear a beret - because no one in this country wears berets!

    Just give them nice ballcap and be done with it. Hell, you might even sell a few.

    This one would have been perfect...


    Classy, and something that people actually would wear. And guess who makes it? Ralph Lauren! So close...

    You don't wear ballcaps with blazers. Going without any headwear would have been perfectly fine.

    Since when? I see it all the time here in NY

    Lol I can't tell if you're serious or not. Why the hell would anyone wear a baseball cap with a suit jacket, let alone a freaking double-breasted one?

  15. I gotta give Adidas props this year. I'm normally not a fan AT ALL of their designs, especially that awful tech fit template they first put out a season or two back, their designs this year have been on point. I love how uniforms have become less about outrageous piping and stripes and more about finite details such as patterns in numbers or on torso's or helmets. I know people here LOVE to hate Nike and HGI but show love where its due, uniform design is making a very nice comeback, even if some schools are still a year or two behind. Good on Adidas, Good on UA (they need to fix that damn pants stripe issue though, its most apparent on Auburn), good on Nike, and especially good on HGI.

    who hates on HGI? They've pretty consistently put out fantastic work and I can't recall someone really taking issue with their products. Maybe there were some grumblings about the Rutgers helmet, but I think that had more to do with it being such a high concept helmet. Plus, how much are they really designing? From my perspective, they play something of a conduit and help apply different design elements with different technologies and techniques.

  16. Nebraska Michigan-esque Adidas alts

    not a terrible uni, but a terrible uni for Nebraska. Worse than Stanford's Pro Combats.

    Man what the hell adidas, they look EXACTLY like the Stanford Pro Combats. The models are even wearing the same number and they both have the name of the school on the back of the jersey. I generally don't buy the whole "copying" business that comes up whenever adidas or nike release something, but this is just ridiculous.


  17. The funny thing is that Nebraska's alternate uniform for this year will probably be worn for against Wisconsin just for the reason that they look similar. I don't foresee any team changing their look anytime soon and I don't think they should. I had no problem telling UW and NU apart on the field last September so it really is a non-issue. Obviously, my biased opinion is that if one team ends up changing it should be UW. :P

    if this season is anything like last season, the special unis will probably bring a lot of success against UW.