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  1. Yeah an all So Cal theme would be amazing to include Anaheim/San Diego/Los Angeles!!! And also the 6 teams in LA & 2 in Anaheim would be dope too! Thanks for your feedback! And keep up the greatness!!!
  2. Anaheim Angels design is really awesome, but the numbers would be very difficult to read from far away. I’d put either red numbers with white trim OR white numbers with red trim!
  3. Born and raised from Anaheim/OC, I can declare that we NEVER associate ourselves as “Los Angeles”. And even people from LA can agree that the two areas are completely different! Keep the concept as JUST the 2 Anaheim teams (Angels & Ducks) and I’m totally sold!
  4. Amazing concept! My only nit picky criticism I would share is that the white center stripe is a little distraction and maybe I’d put that on the bottom of the jersey around the waist band or something. Keep up the greatness!
  5. For the Angels, I would’ve done more of actual local universities around the Anaheim area, such as Cal State Fullerton Titans, Cal State Long Beach 49ers, or UC Irvine Anteaters, to avoid any relation with LA.
  6. Perhaps switching the Marlins M with the teal to match with the name on the front of the jersey & the marlin itself can be black? Keep it up!
  7. Instead of having Anaheim linked to LA, could you make an all Anaheim combination between the Angels & Ducks?
  8. @Idconcepts WOW! That is a real beauty! Thank you so much for the update! I may have to buy all 3 of them! Haha keep up the great work!
  9. I'm sorry, but that is NOT Anaheim at all! That skyline is LA! Could you possibly refer to the city of Anaheim's twitter profile pic to get a good idea? Thanks.
  10. For the Ducks, could you possibly do both old school & new colors? As for the code, maybe either ANA or SNA (Orange County/John Wayne Airport). And as for the skyline background, maybe something like what the City of Anaheim has on their Twitter account. Thanks! And keep up the great work!
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