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  1. The only thing worse than drop-shadow numbers for me are square numbers a la blue jackets alternate.
  2. ever hopeful and ever stupid are sometimes synonyms

  3. then they'd have to re-realign because the West would have 3 less teams than the east. Or just put off the realignment all together.
  4. That bid reportedly has an out clause after five years. The Coyotes could have used that clause in the mid 90's
  5. I still can't figure out the first one. I assume the closest I've gotten is "stop tape queue sweets"
  6. Switch Bettman and the Illuminati around and that is 100% true
  7. lol, Fleury...

  8. Sens, 1st in Shots Against, last in goals against, and first in Canadian hearts. Except Anywhere but Ottawa, and excluding half of Ottawa...

  9. I love the home, I'd buy one. The clash is a bit plain. Really liking the secondary
  10. I have a quick question that's been annoying me for a little bit, and sorry if this has been brought up before. In your profile, there is a green bar with a number and a status. Mine says 6 - Neutral. Does anyone know what that means/is?
  11. Looks great, I would not want to have to choose a favourite team in Chicago or the Northeast cost Also, kudos for not trying to put teams in 'heavily' populated Canadian cities, most people really don't care about local leagues, after all; what is this foreign form of giant hockey played on green ice?
  12. Is there any way to switch back to the old format? Photobucket lacks the ability to copy/paste which really doesn't help people using paint, which is detrimental to this thread.
  13. You've got the old nordiques unused jersey wrong. Instead of silver and lighter blue it should be teal and black.
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