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  1. it just appears to be a different material and is embossed. I really don't like it
  2. That wordmark is waaaaaay to long on Charlettown. And Victoriaville, why keep the piping, WHY?
  3. doesn't look too bad, but I hate to see them get rid of their striping pattern that symbolized the team so well.
  4. Looks really good. I'd probably buy one but it'd also probably only work as an alternate, especially with Stevie Y on the helm. Two things I'd change: shrink the logo and get rid of the silver on the collar, but I really like it. The lightning edges look really soft though
  5. @SabresRule7361 I find your statement on the leafs ironic based on your username. @CS85 Why do I already know that someone get's hung right after he says that?
  6. Mario Lemieux and Ray Shero are now reporting that the 1980 jersey conundrum finally bowled over and the Penguins switched jerseys with the Bruins prior to the series.
  7. regarding Cody, how about the next time he tries another account. We all start speaking Spanish. That might put him off.
  8. Over the past few months when I was looking at my plethora of soccer jerseys, I started to notice somethings hidden elements that you couldn't see when the jersey was being worn. The most interesting I thought was writing inside of the crests. For example, Australia has "Never say Never" and PSV Eindhoven has "eendracht maakt macht" or unity is strength. It's not limited to soccer though as there are obvious ones in hockey like the flags inside the Hurricanes sweater and the Keyboard inside the Predators sweater. I was wondering if anyone else found this interesting and if they know or have found out any of these hidden elements.
  9. I think Letang just saved a goal there. From where I'm sitting, it looked like he cleared it off of Bergeron's stick.
  10. Well, they switched to the new logo on the NHL homepage. Does it seem smaller than the other logos to anyone else?
  11. What if both halves are won by the same team? I guess that the second highest placed team plays them or they just win automatically The NASL
  12. Liking the new Chelsea clash, but why red?
  13. Okay, that's it. The defense being almost-literally invisible in one game is not reason to forget that he shut out three periods with an average defense. Or that time he shut out the Sens for 59.5 minutes until... guess what... the defense failed him. Or when he shut out 2.3 consecutive games in the regular season. And don't even get me started on Fleury, either, who made two straight trips to the finals, has won the cup, has been the only thing keeping the Pens in playoff series in the past (2011 game 7 vs. Tampa Bay anyone? 2010 vs Montreal?) and has been one of the league's top goalies each regular season of his career. Basically, if you're going to use something from the Penguins as a running joke like you've seemed inclined to do all playoffs, use the defense, not the goalies. Because frankly, if you think Fleury is a bad goalie based off of his past two playoff series alone, you have no idea what you are talking about. I should have pointed out that that was sarcasm, I think Vokoun's playing out of his league.
  14. I kind of like those square yokes, it doesn't make anything too round on an otherwise straight-edge jersey