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  1. A's/Raiders/Warriors: Closest teams, my dad was a fan, so I grew up watching them and attending games. Great memories going to weekend afternoon A's games with my fam Miami: Just always liked them. Sean Taylor was my favorite college player ever Cal: Closest D1 college, Aaron Rodgers going there also made me a fan. Rodgers to McAurthur all day Utah Utes/Jazz: Dad was from SLC, so he followed them, made me like them as secondary teams
  2. But what's funny is that the same guy would find it pathetic that you posted about his jersey on a message board. What's funny is how poorly you read. I said the companies are pathetic, not the guy wearing the jersey
  3. I went to the Raiders game on sunday and the guy in front of me had a fake Palmer jersey on. It's pathetic these Chinese companies can't even get a Raiders jersey right. The numbers were way too thick and the NOB was in a rounded font. I noticed quite a few fakes at the game
  4. I liked that uniform as well. A black logo, with a yellow outline and a red second outline would have been good to go with these. i could go either way on the red bill. A yellow-red-yellow pants stripe to match the shoulder would be nice too (but I can see the point of not having two pairs of white pants)
  5. Anything on the Oregon font?
  6. Probably been asked 10,000 times, but...
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