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  1. Just out of curiosity, does everyone here that mercilessly flames people for saving money and getting jerseys on eBay, etc, all pay for all the music they listen to? I'm aware it's a bit different.
  2. The flying WV is very beloved, I doubt they'll change for a very long time. However, Holgorsen mentioned on his radio show a few weeks back that they may try and bring back the white helmet with the state outline next year as a throwback. Yeah, I don't know how I feel about that location DC in da House. I don't know if you knew but they just built an apartment complex up there, The Domain. I live downtown but I have a few friends there and driving all the way up there just to hang out is a giant bitch. I wonder how easily they'll attract students playing up there.
  3. Are you kidding?? I thought they were just gonna put it at the Coliseum complex again. What an odd place for a stadium. That being said, I WAS just up by Walmart the other day and noticed how much unused space there was next to it.
  4. The Devils make too much sense to me for them to have ever worn green. I don't get it. They're the Devils, they're supposed to give off that "fire and brimstone" feel, etc, red and black is perfect for them. The green ones are cool as an occasional throwback though.
  5. I like the uniforms for the most part but I wouldn't mind seeing new ones when the new stadium eventually opens to fully usher in a new era of WVU Baseball in the Big 12. The program as a whole has been a joke for a long time. I try and support WVU, and not just the football and men's bball teams, but even with that being said I've been to one game in my three years here, and that was only because it was dollar hot dog night and that night in the dorms the cafe was closed. I don't know anyone that's been to more than one game. Doesn't help that the former coach LOVED bunting more than his family.
  6. I think those look great. I hope they do keep them around and occasionally wear them as an alternate with their gold helmet.
  7. I think this honestly has as much to do with ushering the new era of WVU baseball as it does everything else. We have a new head coach now (one who doesn't suck) and it's time for us to begin a new phase now that we're in the Big 12.
  8. Although maybe it's a little out of context for the school, the BYU blackout uniforms were some of my favorite new football uniforms I had seen in awhile....and then I saw the Boise State blackout uniforms. Oh my, those are sexy.
  9. I don't mind it at all on most jerseys and on some I really like it. You aren't alone.
  10. I don't have a picture, but if I remember correctly Kevin Kolb's red nameplate extended down into the white of his jersey yesterday, unfortunately.
  11. Just mind numbingly stupid. Unbelievable
  12. I'm a little unsure here...does all this stuff start this year? As in, they cannot participate in a bowl in December 12/January 13?
  13. Think about it from her perspective. Anyone that has any real affiliation with the school (student, alum, employee, parent, etc.) is obviously going to be a little more sensitive to the "F Penn State!" hate that people are spewing. It's not that they aren't disgusted and feel for the victims and everything else, it's just that they're tired of seeing it all through their Twitter feed, Facebook, news, e-mails between friends, every web site, etc. Honestly, I don't have any affiliation, but I'd probably block everyone too if that's all I had to read. I'd follow the legitimate news updates, but I don't need to hear every wannabe judge and jury's opinion of how bad the school is, how bad everyone that goes there is, and how they would handle the punishments. It gets old and honestly creates the opposite effect. Even if I'm a student there and I feel strongly that people need to go to jail, the statue needed to come down, and football be suspended, if all I read is every jackoff saying that I suck and that my school sucks, I'm going to develop a chip on my shoulder and feel like I'm in an "us against the world" type thing. Think of it as like being a muslim. If you're a muslim, chances are you don't support Al Qaeda or anything that they did, and you're ashamed that some of "your people" would do such a thing, but if all you hear is how bad your race is and how islam sucks, you're going to get defensive and develop an attitude against people who's fundamental point you agree with (that the actions of Al Qaeda were wrong - not that everyone who goes to a mosque is evil.) I agree with you, and I'm not blaming her at all. In fact I've grown to respect her more for not being one of the many idiots I know who are still continuously spewing garbage about how Freeh was out to get Joe Paterno and everybody just wants to see Penn State fall, etc.
  14. Hey, WVU is always open to good recruits and we aren't far away from State College.... Anyways, I am going to dinner tonight with a girl I am very friendly with who recently just graduated PSU. She has taken a Paterno-like approach and ignored the whole thing. Even though, again, we are pretty close, she recently blocked me on twitter when I merely retweeted something about how Sandusky was going to jail and now more heads must roll. We are going to a sports restaurant where I imagine there were be televisions with SportsCenter and the likes on. Hopefully this doesn't get uncomfortable.
  15. I don't know if it's just me, but I am still seeing an unbelievable amount of ignorance through social media from the people I know who are Penn Staters, and even some who aren't that are just from Pennsylvania. I am a bit disappointed.