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  1. 8 hours ago, dbofox said:

    Simple tweaks to the shoulder caps on the road make this a lot better.


    As for the numbers it just seemed to me like the built in lines were looking for a color contrast to be consistent with the 'split horn' look.  I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I just wanted to see what it would look like.





    *Edit - tweaked the gold 

    Yeep, looks better than the real thing!

  2. 37 minutes ago, El Scorcho said:

     The old horn was just as much of an abstract representation of a Rams horn as this one is.

    The old horn was not abstract at all. It was a very good 2d representation of a Rams horn. When I first became a Rams fan, no one had to tell me that those things on the helmet were Rams horns. It was plain as day.

    But when I saw the new horns, my very first thought was "why are the horns broken in two"? I had to be told that it was supposed to represent the 3d curling of the Rams horn, and when I did read it, I thought "doesn't look like it to me". And I know I wasn't alone.

  3. 2 hours ago, Ben in LA said:

    There are PLENTY of people online that like “that bone design”.

    So now that you have shown me that some people actually do like that bone design, I will amend my original post from "I can't imagine anyone liking that bone design" to "I can't imagine why anyone would like that bone design". I really can't.

  4. 1 minute ago, jp1409 said:


    Those sleeves are atrocious...


    I've never seen a uniform unveiling that disappointed such a large percentage of fans to this extent.

    I'm hoping that their first alt is an alt away uniform that they will use for every away game!

  5. 2 minutes ago, C-Squared said:

    It seems like teams are shoehorning in a lot of gimmicks knowing they can always "give the fans what they want" with a throwback as an alternate. There is a large contingent of fans who - for whatever reason - love this style of design.

    I cannot imagine anyone liking that bone design. IMO, the worst part is the sleeve numbers overlapping the so-called horn design; it just looks sloppy to me. But the odd thing is, I've not seen anyone in the media or online mention that in their complaints. Doesn't that bug anyone but me?

  6. 31 minutes ago, jp1409 said:


    I honestly can't believe this is real...

    I can't either. I can't imagine in what mindset a designer had to be to think that shoulder looks good in any aspect.


    In Madden 12's team creator, some of the available sleeve patterns placed shoulder stripes and sleeve stripes behind the sleeve numbers. I never chose those patterns not only because they looked bad but because I always thought "that looks so unprofessional. No team would ever do that".


    I can't believe I was wrong.

  7. 39 minutes ago, throwmesomepics said:

    The thing is that with those throwbacks, there would be mismatching eras. If two classic franchises had a throwback game, it could work. But otherwise it would be a 50s fauxback vs the Seahawks in wolf grey.

    Well yeah, they are from different years (1940 and 1945), but they have the same style/look. I don't understand the Seahawks wolf gray comment. Would you please dumb it down for me?

  8. On 7/3/2018 at 1:58 PM, cajunaggie08 said:

    This just may be a case of Adidas replica jerseys becoming :censored:tier, but the retail version of the A&M football jersey no longer has the sleeve stripes going all the way to the collar. The retail version also no longer has a white collar nor the SEC patch shown. With the exception of jersey cuts and alternates, A&M hasn't changed their primary look since the 2012 season.


    2018 retail jersey

    adidas Men's Texas A&M University Replica Football Jersey - view number 1




    My nephew had a replica from Manziel's days and it didn't have the shoulder stripes either..

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