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  1. This is the 2nd alternate that could be worn both home and away
  2. ok here is a little update: -added the pinstripe to the back of the jersey -changed the font color on the front of the jersey from white to green -added the tri-color piping to the pants and belt loops
  3. So this is my first ever concept, ever. First one I decided to make in paint with the help of awesome copy and pasting of the template. Its very simple. Obviously this is a play on Moneyball and in response to the A's clinching the AL West earlier today. Billy Beane strikes again, I think there will be a sequel Moneyball2k12 (working title). Im already going to assume there are a billion and one things that can be improved on this but I would like to know what peoples opinion are. Im calling it the Oakland Moneyballers, but this could easily be transitioned into the San Jose Moneyballers if necessary.
  4. AlMagz

    Colorado Rockies

    its better than what they have now... but it looks like a cross between the angels/rangers font and indians C, not sure if im feeling it I think the ball with the tail should be a sleeve patch by itself. the white hats with purple brims are a nice touch too, as well as the purple alts.
  5. I work for an independent league baseball team. We did 3 theme nights this year, Batman Night, Christmas in July and Hawaiian Night
  6. I was at David Cone's perfect game in 99. It was Yogi Berra day. Seeing as I was about 10 when I was at the game I do not remember all that much about it. I do remember who I was with and the general area of where our seats were. The game itself I kind of remember being boring almost, again I was 10 and I wanted to see runs and hits. I didn't really grasp what I was watch - or what I had been a part of until years later. But every time I see the highlights I can always say "I was there".
  7. star players staying with one team for their entire career, i.e. Jeter or Chipper Jones
  8. AL EAST Yankees Rays - WC Red Sox Blue Jays Orioles AL CENTRAL Tigers Twins Indians White Sox Royals AL WEST Rangers Angels - WC A's Mariners NL EAST Phillies Marlins - WC Braves Nationals Mets NL CENTRAL Brewers Cardinals Reds Pirates Cubs Astros NL WEST Diamondbacks Giants - WC Dodgers Rockies Padres AL WC - Angels def. Rays NL WC - Marlins def. Giants (battle of the orange) ALDS Yankees def. Rangers 3-2 Angels def. Tigers 3-1 NLDS Diamondbacks def. Phillies 3-1 Brewers def. Marlins 3-2 ALCS Angels def. Yankees 4-2 NLCS Diamondbacks def. Brewers 4-3 WS Diamondbacks def. Angels 4-1 upset of the century
  9. Where did they keep the court for 50 years? But it is cool for someone to get a piece of it.
  10. So the catcher market just completely blew up. I know it was touched on earlier but now that its official, I think that Molina's contract is absurd. 15m a year is crazy. Dont get me wrong I love Yadier Molina, being a catcher my whole life, its awesome to watch him play, and his defense is something we probably wont see again. The main problem I have with a contract like this, is the same I have with every absurdly large contract is that it completely changes the market. Now guys like Russell Martin are going to want around 15m a year when it probably isnt warranted. But because of this contract they are going to have to come close. And especially with catchers, even though the position has evolved more into an offensive position, it is mainly based on defense and how well you can handle pitching, and then hitting was a plus. I dont know if that has ever been valued at that price.
  11. I heard this on the radio this morning that apparently Braun has an STD and the medicine he has to take is what made his testosterone go crazy. I hope sooner or later that the whole story comes out or else everyone is gonna still believe that he took steroids and that MLB is protecting one of its star players by not suspending him.
  12. So before the Yankees traded Burnett they were said to have about 2 million to spend on a DH... but they wanted to trade Burnett for cap relief... then they go an sign Ibanez (1.1m) and Chavez (900k) = 2m. I just dont understand why the yankees felt they needed to say Burnett had to be traded before they could spend the money that they were going to already spend. Not that it really matters and its better off that AJ is gone. I think Ibanez will do fine as a part time DH and you already know what youre gonna get for Chavez.
  13. Yankees finally sign Ibanez for 1.1m plus incentives (can make up to 4m) ... just dont know why they had to "clear room" for him by trading Burnett, if it was only 1.1m that should be affordable even with AJ. Also sounds like they will sign Chavez soon. In other random signing news. Manny Ramirez will sign with the A's for 500k. Still has to sit out 50 games. Moneyball at its finest.
  14. Born in 89 Ive been alive for the last 5 yankees championships I was alive for the 1990 giants SB but I was a couple months, but I definitely remember the last two. Being from CT I remember the last 2 UConn men's BB NCAA titles, and all of the womens BB titles
  15. The Jet logo looks like the current Patriot logo to me. I dont know if that was your intention, but the 2 streaks just remind me of the Pats logo. I think the Patriots set needs some red in there. And the Jets set kind of looks like throwback Eagles uniforms.
  16. I think he's just being used to eat up revenue sharing money they are required to spend, and to give the "crowds" SOMETHING to watch. As it was the A's were going to be nearly unwatchable. And on the plus side if they still like him in 3-4 years when Cisco Field opens then can go ahead and resign him and plug him into the competitive club they're hoping will have developed by then. Cespedes will now be the highest paid player on the team with 6.5m/yr, coco crisp makes 6m. This deal was made definitely made for the move to San Jose and agreed Oakland needs some kind of draw this year. They traded away everyone. The rest of the division is very competitive and made a ton of moves. Gonna be a long season for the moneyballers.
  17. Probably would be again you got the whole tit for tat thing ongoing with the Yankees and Mets. That's why they have an Indy League team and not a team in the Eastern League or higher. I know but it could be a perfect spot for the Mets to step in if the Yankees will allow it. Especially if Nassau finally gets the OK to start building the stadium. Also there is a new team coming into the indy league, which would make 9 teams, so there could be an odd team out
  18. bridgeport ct would be a perfect spot for a AA team. just saying
  19. I would like my sig updated as well with the Giants 2011 SB please. Thanks in advance.
  20. Its not Bautista's fault. It the era he plays in. Everyone just suspects that if you hit a lot of HRs that you must be juicing or taking HGH. Of course some red flags pop up when you hit 100 homers in 2 years when your career high previous was 16. PEDs dont help you hit a baseball, a little further sure, but its not everything. With Braun getting caught it shows no "superstar" is safe. Bautista just needs to man up, pee in the cup, and play baseball. If youre not cheating then so what
  21. Yup. Im gonna say it now. I think losing CJ Wilson is a huge part of this. Hamilton at least had someone to be sober with.
  22. Umm... You forgetting about the defending World Champions being in the Central? The defending World Champions who just snuck into the playoffs and lost by far and away their best player this offseason? Also, please no Reds / Tigers WS. Please. A team who simply got out of a 3 week slump and clicked at the right time and proceeded to play some of the best 2 months of baseball ever. A team who's aforementioned departed best player wasn't even actually their best player during this period. A team who was without their best pitcher, a perennial Cy Young candidate for the entire season who is now back. What have the Reds, who finished third and weren't even in contention for the last couple months of the season, done to improve? How in the world are they gonna "run away with the division"? Agreed. Mat Latos is an average pitcher at best, his numbers might look good this year because of the Reds are better than the Padres. The NL Central will be a two team race with the Brewers and Cardinals. Pitching will dominate the division and those 2 teams have the best pitching. And who knows if the Pirates will be able to maintain their ability for an entire season this year, and finally finish above .500. All im saying is I dont think the NL Central is so cut and dry as you make it seem for the Reds.