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  1. Purdue women were a Champion team in 1999; they will not get a gold tab as the article indicates.
  2. Gonzaga did get the Elite treatment. George Mason is a "supplier" school which wears catalog jerseys, as such, it was never up for the Nike Elite treatment. To qualify, you have to win a title when you are a Nike school with one of the Nike Team Sports contracts with custom uniforms.
  3. Duke's fauxback shorts finally appeared with the fauxback jerseys at Countdown to Craziness.
  4. While Duke still has "standard" and fauxback white and blue jerseys, they are now only using the "standard" pants with both, which is weird. They did this on the Canada tour in August and in all of the pre-season media photos. Also, Duke is using the fauxback jerseys on all of its headshots and behind the scenes videos, but is using the "standard" jerseys for the team photo, which is also abnormal.
  5. Duke had cursive helmets before Spurrier ever arrived, even as OC.
  6. Duke has switched to Vapor Untouchable. In fact, through the Duke Football Equipment Twitter account because of the template change, Duke sold off its remaining unused uniform stock to fans and had Nike customize the jerseys which I've never seen done before. I was able to buy blue, white and black jerseys and had them customized with my last name and graduation year as my number. They even gave me a Pinstripe Bowl patch for the blue one when I asked.
  7. Villanova's throwbacks are 2014 HyperElite Dominance uniforms. I'm surprised they never got an updated version like Duke has worn for the last 2 years which are on the Vapor template.
  8. There is also a picture in Slam magazine of Marvin Bagley III wearing a white disruption jersey, which makes me wonder if those are still in the rotation, though we haven't seen them since December 2016. The weird thing about Duke using two sets of white and blue jerseys is that they just aren't that different. U neck vs. V neck. Trim on the neck and arm holes vs. no trim. No black trim on letters and numbers vs. black outlining. Stripe across the bottom of the shorts vs. no stripe. And for those paying close attention, the fauxbacks have the white piping cross over the waistband, while the "standard jerseys" do not have the white piping on the waistband itself which instead uses Nike's newer ventilated waistband. (I think it is called VaporFlex or some nonsense like that - notice that the only NBA jerseys with the new waistbands are those where there is no pattern running over the waistband). You can only see the newer waistband clearly on the black jerseys above. All 5 jerseys are the same as what was introduced last year, but Duke never wore the blue standard jerseys and started wearing fauxbacks about a month into the season.
  9. This is correct. Duke has worn fauxback white (which are now treated at "primary") for every home game except for Pitt and UVA where it wore standard white. Duke has worn fauxback blue ("primary" roads) for every neutral/road game (other than the 3 PK80 games) except: BC (black), N.C. State (black) and Georgia Tech (standard blue). That photo of the standard blues is the pre-Vapor version from the one of the only two times before this weekend that jersey was worn: 2016 ACC Quarters v. ND (it was also worn in the 15-16 Blue-White game). The current version is on the Vapor template. Thanks for adding the photos.
  10. Duke finally wore its "standard" blue uniforms tonight against Georgia Tech. This is the first time it has worn those uniforms since the pre-Vapor version in the 2016 ACC Quarterfinals against Notre Dame. Duke wore it's "standard" white uniforms at home in the last few weeks against Pitt and Virginia. Otherwise, Duke has worn the "fauxback" versions of the white and blue uniforms as its primary home and roads. Duke also wore black, but only in its losses at BC and at N.C. State. Other than the PK80 games, when it wore the PK80 uniforms, Duke hasn't broken out any other uniforms and we don't know if there are any others in the inventory such as the Disruption jerseys used the past few years or if there is a February one-off coming (Louisville is the only non-Nike opponent yet, which is usually when this gimmick appears).
  11. This is my understanding as well. The only Power 5 schools (plus schools who were in the BIG EAST when it was a power conference and still have those apparel deals) I believe that are non-catalog and are Team Sports schools are: Xavier, Memphis, and Gonzaga. That's also why VCU was never an ELITE school nor George Mason.
  12. It's the Nike Silver Elite logo, since they made the Final Four last year as a Nike Team Sports school. For the same reason, Gonzaga now gets the same treatment starting this year and all of the ELITE gear and tagging. Teams that win the National Championship as Nike Team Sports schools are Nike Platinum Elite schools and have the iridescent triangular patch on the neck and some additional gear (Duke, UNC, UConn (M+W), Kentucky, Syracuse, Florida, Villanova, Arizona and Baylor (W) ).
  13. Duke level??? You know Duke-Pitt is a division rivalry game, right? Duke, the same division rival that Pitt broke out the throwbacks against last year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1976 National Championship team.....
  14. That's exactly what they used, though these fauxbacks were only in use through 2014-15; this past season a near identical version was introduced on the Vapor template and used as Duke's primary home and blue road uniforms starting in December, with the only other non-template changes being a Nike Platinum Elite iridescent logo on the neckline and the Iron Duke "D" on the waistband.