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  1. Can you make a capital one bowl sig with dual colors? Red and white for Nebraska, whatever SC wears on the other.
  2. A series of hotel chains would be sweet. The Marriot, Holiday inn, etc. But I also think LG would be a great move.
  3. I want to see a decent recolor of the A's, since you aren't only doing RWB teams, it seems...
  4. RJC Logos

    BFBS Concepts

    I don't really have requests, but when I saw your description of this series I thought of several teams from various sports that would be interesting to see. Some examples are the Colts, Packers, Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, as well as several college teams. Make the A's look GOOD in black. And Nebraska.
  5. I love it! Gonna be fun! But you should make sure every property has a team.
  6. I'd like to request three, but everything should be the same except the logo. Size: standard laptop background. It doesn't matter. My computer fixes it. Medium: Metal Links to logos (must be at least 750x750 pixels): here -yellow background here -grey background and here. -white background Background color (if different than above preview): noted next to the links. Thanks so much! EDIT: forgot my thank you.
  7. These are sweet! Do you think you could take a request? I don't have the skills necessary to make what I want to see...
  8. RJC Logos

    New Nords

    It's a little blinding, and I prefered your first color scheme, but yeah. Why the sudden switch?
  9. Could you patchez-itize this for me? Thanks so much
  10. To be honest, I kinda was trying to break of all the rules. When I designed these, the Miami rumors were swirling around, and I decided to take An owner crazier than Loria, the craziest colors I could, and the craziest charater in books I had, and mixed them all together. And as mentioned earlier, the hat logo is like the oriole's anatomically correct logo, you know?
  11. It's a 4. In my imaginary league, the Hatters had been owned by the most hardline owner ever. The homes were all white (the new second alts), the roads were all grey. Two years ago, they were purchased by a Loria-type person who wanted their identity to match the character. Yes, the greens thing was intentional. The hat logo is kind of like the anatomically correct bird for the Orioles these days. Anyway, next up are the Winnipeg Bears (Winnie the pooh).
  12. Nebraska, Lions, and Pittsburgh please?