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  1. Increasing the size of the image should work.
  2. Boise has worn the worth their white helmet with: blue stickers/blue mask, blue stickers/white mask, throwback stickers/chrome mask, and now orange stickers/orange mask. I feel bad for that equipment team.
  3. I am not planning on making any updates anytime soon. If you want to try on your own I would start with the raglan template and then create a diamond pattern that curves as a smart object to follow the sleeve.
  4. The Rockies team store had replica Players' Weekend jerseys in stock during today's game. They were all black with silver trim. Button-down versus the pull-overs from years prior. I think they look like Raiders apparel, so I can't imagine they'll sell particularly well in Denver.
  5. These are new starting this season. While I do like the single stripe piping, I'm disappointed I haven't seen pinstripes as much this season because the Rockies wear their alternates so often.
  6. Does the NBA have the same deal as the MLB where players have to buy out their existing jersey stock if they change numbers? (
  7. I wanted the Broncos to pick up Connor McGovern (Penn State) to be on the same offensive line as their other Connor McGovern (Mizzou).
  8. Maybe this has been answered somewhere already, but what font does Chris use for the presentation titles on all of his graphics? Also, I will say that the new trend for Memorial Day is very classy. I love it.
  9. I also found this interesting. If he actually makes a 25-man roster, would he keep this NOB, choose one name, or go full last name?
  10. Colorado is calling this the "Black Diamond" kit. Downgrade from yellow IMO.
  11. Old: New: We'll have to see how this affects the Nuggets uniforms.
  12. Don't worry, CB now does on demand printing, so the shirt will be up for a while.
  13. I am actually a civil engineer, but I've had an interest in graphic design since high school. When I was in college I was able to take a graphic design class where we had to create a fictitious company based on an essay we wrote. My essay was about the impacts of concussions on football players and other athletes, so my fictitious company manufactured football helmets. I chose the name "Rampage" based on the headbutts of big horn sheep. I produced the identity below (shown on some sample business cards), in addition to numerous other alternatives. After I showed off to @dsaline97, who is an actual designer, he said it would be a cool logo for the LA Rams. So I've come up with a few instances of how my concept could replace the existing helmet logos the Rams have. It wouldn't work on uniform elements, but I think it could look cool on apparel or print/digital graphics. It could also make for a nice Colorado State shirt. I like how the angle of this logo emphasizes forward motion, which was also important for my fictional company, and also hearkens back to the old Rams logos used from 1946-1982. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Criticism is welcome, but I won't be making any changes. Oh yeah, and I also got a t-shirt made on Cotton Bureau!
  14. That is certainly an interesting collar on the US kit. I imagine that the Nike-sponsored nations will have a lot of designs similar to what we saw in the club third kits this year - distressed, sublimated, geographic-based patterns - compared to the more geometric patterns we saw in the 2018 WC.