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  1. It's only about 15 miles to the Dunes. Here's some more context about the Dunehawk name.
  2. Valparaiso University sent out an email with a survey of eight possible mascots this week. I can't imagine they will have a decision by the beginning of the athletic season, but who knows.
  3. Here is the sticker — it seems to confirm your thoughts on preparations once Little's family announced he entered hospice.
  4. Got a request recently for a version with no folders for those of you using Photoshop Elements. Here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/view/7q705k3gqw3kg2c/Baseball+Uniform+Template_nofolders.psd/file You'll have to play around for awhile to figure out what all the layers are. I didn't have time to give them all unique names.
  5. Here is a link to the template: http://www.mediafire.com/file/k47udud5vb7qqid/Soccer_Template.psd/file Thanks for checking it out. I'm still not technically finished, maybe I'll get back to it someday soon.
  6. Most of the fonts I just made custom numerals for each player and tried to keep it close to what the teams actually unveiled. Quick and dirty because I didn't want to spend too much time on it, just wanted my ideas out of my head.
  7. Los Angeles Rams This one was the biggest miss for me, so it has the most changes. I took out all the breaks in the horn and replaced them with a foil-finished inline, same for the numbers. I think it helps bring out the LA Deco theme even more. Kept the squished TV numbers but made them not italicized. Made true horns on the shoulders similar to the throwbacks. Got rid of bone and added a yellow alternate.
  8. Los Angeles Chargers I think the Chargers new set is going to look great on the field. That said, I would not italicize the numbers and add TV numbers and contrasting panels to the shoulders. I would also add more zigs to the bolts on the shoulders and pants. Finally, I would put a narrower version of the numerals on the helmet. I actually prefer the royal color rush alternate, but I think the navy one would be passable if they took white out of the set. Ultimately, I think they will pair this with a navy helmet if the NFL changes their rules.
  9. New England Patriots I really don't like this look, but it's better than their previous set I suppose. I would extend the hoops underneath the arm like the Colts, add TV numbers to the shoulders, take away the white pants and replace them with gray. I wouldn't add a red jersey to this set unless they were going to switch from navy to royal. I also kept the previous numerals, but I would be fine if they switched that to a more traditional block font.
  10. Cleveland Browns The Browns can be easily fixed by dropping the alternate and adding orange pants to the set. I don't care about the facemask since white/brown/gray all work for me. I went with white to remind all the Browns fans of the Bernie Kosar era.
  11. Indianapolis Colts The Colts updates were pretty solid. All I would do is extend the hoops underneath the arm like the Panthers new cut and switch out the black Nike swoosh for blue on the white jersey. I also added stripes to the socks, but I could live without those I suppose.
  12. Atlanta Falcons I don't hate the Falcons new look, but it needs a lot of help. I shrunk the ATL mark, tapered the numbers like what Oregon did with the Pro Combat era and made the drop shadow go down instead of right. I also took away the gradient on the red jersey, and added gray pants instead of red. I kept the silver facemask, but they should make it a brushed finish.
  13. Seven teams updated their look this offseason, which is an insane turnover rate. I liked what most of the teams did, but there are some things I would tweak. I tried not to do wholesale changes but keep with the themes that the teams tried to establish. Here we go, in chronological order by release date. Tampa Bay Buccaneers I like the return to the Super Bowl era uniforms, but the pewter alternate was less than stellar for me. I redid it to match the rest of the set and the primary pewter pants. I also kept the chrome facemask from the previous set because I actually think they pulled it off.
  14. The DENVER script on the front is just a vector right now. Create your own script on a different layer and you can delete the Denver layer.
  15. Website suggests two alternates in upcoming years.
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