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  1. Tell me what you think about it.
  2. the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Dallas Stars website are ready
  3. on you have the Alouettes games but it in french.
  4. the duck made the change Anaheim Duck and if you put the name of for the rest of the other team you have a site still under construction
  5. Do you have the updates for the next round
  6. The city is hockey (la ville est Hockey) for montreal
  7. boum_911

    Maz's Sigs

    awesome thanks
  8. boum_911

    Maz's Sigs

    Team: Montreal Canadiens Players: M.Richard, G. Lafleur, G Carbonneau, G.Latendresse Background: Montreal forum and the Bell Center, blue,white,red color scheme Text: jeune depuis 1909
  9. no Dan Cloutier wore a black mask with kings sticker
  10. boum_911

    Sports Sigs v.2

    Canadiens, Expos, Allouettes And Impact (USL) of Montreal
  11. Salut Pourquoi pas garder les couleur traditionnel de montréal le bleu le rouge et le blanc