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  1. Overall, I prefer these to the previous set. I thought the old set didn't age well and the team needed to get something new. Still, there are plenty of things I don't like. The swords on the shoulders are extra and the lack of color in the white pants makes the uniform look out of balance, but overall I think the set works -- especially with the new helmet. I don't mind the armpit panels as much as I thought I would.
  2. I'm an FAU alumnus and I've lived in Boca for most of my life. No one calls FAU "Atlantic". Makes for cool helmets, though.
  3. While I agree with almost everyone in that the pants lettering goes a long way to ruin this set, I think there are other ways it could work. Simply omitting the lettering and leaving a 1/3 or 2/3 stripe wouldn't look bad if they really wanted a contemporary look to the pants. If we MUST have the lettering, maybe using the contrast stitching theme for them (brown on white, orange on brown, brown on orange) wouldn't been more subtle. I don't know what Nike has been thinking with the pants on the NFL uniforms.
  4. This past weekend really showed how good the uniforms can look by dropping the collar from last year. I really hope the Saints follow suit next year because aside from the collar, their uniforms are very good. In terms of the brand new uniforms debuting this year, I really liked them all aside from the Jaguars. The Vikings were able to pull off a modern look without losing any of the brand identity they've built over their history. While watching the game, it felt like the Vikings were wearing a uniform that they've been using for years. The Dolphins set really struck me with the great use of that new aqua/teal. I really liked the conservative design and I really don't have any major complains in terms of uniform design and color. The one thing that I feel was a missed opportunity was the logo. While I did feel the Dolphins needed an updated logo, the new one is devoid of any personality and feels generic. Now comes the bad. The Jaguars set looked as bad on the field as it does in a studio/runway. I really don't have any big problems with the jersey itself but more so with the pants and helmet. I feel like the pants stripe is over designed and should have been omitted. The set would have looked better with black pants and no stripe or a wide teal stripe with a thin gold outline. I feel like the jersey numbers should have just been white and gold; the added teal seems cluttered and forced. The helmet should be all gold or all black, choose one.
  5. I really don't like to partake in the hyperbole that often happens on internet forums, but the Jaguars helmets (and uniform) are a special case. I'd agree a simple fix would be to make the whole helmet matte black, but I'd actually prefer it be all gold without a stripe. I know that would be unlikely considering the logo is predominately gold, but I really think it would be a handsome look. Another option would be something like what Nike did with Navy a few years ago for their Pro Combat jerseys. Whatever the change is, there clearly has to be one.
  6. Even though I've never been the one to purchase team specific clothing, I really like the direction of the new Nike NFL apparel. Everything seems uniformed and high quality.
  7. If this wasn't Texas, I doubt any of you would care so much. There is nothing wrong with these Jerseys. Obviously, no one would want Texas to wear them over their current set but they look just fine.
  8. Was that an actual jersey, or just another type of apparel? To me, I associate "dri-fit" with jerseys, so that's why I ask. I'm pretty sure that's apparel (all nike sports-wear has the dri-fit script somewhere on the hip, sleeve, etc.). The fabric definitely looks like a shirt.
  9. He did some very creative stuff there. Not all of them would be great for NFL teams to adopt but some are pretty cool. Those I liked: Tennessee, Denver, Kansas City, New England, New York Jets, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Philadelphia.
  10. I like both the Colts and Texans mixes a lot. I think the advantage in keeping the red numbers on the away jersey is that it differentiates the Texans more from the Patriots who also would have blue numbers with a red outline and a shoulder stripe.
  11. It's really hard to tell what's going on in this jersey besides the obvious (good tease). Can't wait for April 3rd.
  12. To comment on the picture above. The seams on the front and back, though, aren't what we typically see from Pro Combat jerseys. I'm pretty convinced this is the VT/LSU template Nike used for the Dolphins. Also, the difference in cut that we see in this jersey (besides materials) as opposed to what Reebok did was that the "mesh" material goes all the way up the past the nameplate instead of ending just below (which is more like Pro Combat and less like the VT/LSU cut) Something else I see and can't seem to identify is in the lower left corner of the picture, there is something sewn on the jersey that doesn't seem to be a number (the top edge of the number "4" should be seen here if Sean Smith still wears 24).
  13. It seems like this particular Dolphins template is that of what Virginia Tech and LSU currently use.
  14. While I like the red home jerseys, the blue home and white away look a lot like the Florida Atlantic University Owls. It's a bit of a dated look but maybe if you just used red/blue, red/white for both the shoulder stripes and the numbers instead of the double outline I think the look would look more modern.