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  1. I'd say first priority make sure it is easily read as 21. Second make it look like it is in a marble. You've got the marble part down though. I'd only suggest having part if it white. Too much grey dulls it down. Keep going. You will have a winner on this one for sure.
  2. little too abstract for me. I'd try and use one marble with the 21 swirling inside it. Making it 'clear' with coloured numbers would help it look like a marble. look forward to your finished product.
  3. thanks jncox9. Really glad I could make a concept for your local team that you like. And thanks for the vote, not liking my chances though.
  4. I won't bore you with a description just thought I'd toss these on here. C&C welcome
  5. several football players have gone this route with the double helmet.
  6. i think the idea is ok. I'd like to see what they'd look like with the sublimated one colour logo that matches the jersey colour. So a white jersey would have a very light grey version of the logo. And i agree no more than 5%.
  7. i cleaned up the twitter photo. It's ok in my opinion, could have been a bit better.
  8. the stitching on the baseball looks too close together.
  9. That sketch wasn't mine... I spoke on that one earlier... can't recall where the sketches came from. my apologies Baze and to whomever did the sketches
  10. @ nash61 I have it as a vector image so could make it any size. Any use of this should be directed towards Baze for permission. It is his logo. I just coloured.
  11. Some people also seem to forget that you couldn't even buy one of these jerseys from the Sabre store for months because they were in such high demand when introduced.
  12. Very cool of you for sharing. When I saw the pencil concepts posted years ago I had to see what the one would look like coloured. Here it is.
  13. Bump as well to take suggestions on possibly a new series.
  14. Nice concept. I'd lose the orange tongue as it detracts from the orange in the oval. I don't believe the tongue is an important part to a gator. Maybe make that part of his mouth closed a bit more. also the orange part under his chin doesn't seem to have any meaning. doesn't follow the shape of the oval.