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  1. Being born and raised in Fort Myers, I'm ecstatic that put your team there. The colors (blue and "green" is appropriate [look at the Florida Everblades, FGCU, and the fairly-new park signage around the county]), the bivalve shell (a lot of shells wash up ashore on Sanibel [also there is a shell museum on the island]), and the palm trees (Fort Myers=City of Palms) remind me of there. I seriously want that home jersey. But I have 3 gripes with this: -I would like to know when this team was established, please. -You misplaced the star on the map on Key West instead of Fort Myers. -It is spelled "Fort Myers" not "Meyers" ya snowbird!!! I swear, if i had a dollar for every time someone misspelled that... Other points and random thoughts that show more of my Floridian (and to an extent, Caribbean) homerism: -Miami's teal looks like a light blue. -Tampa Bay and Miami's color schemes are way too similar. -Jacksonville's color scheme is very similar to a Jacksonville Suns concept I did sometime last year (I didn't know those were the colors of the city flag). -I would think a team in Key West would be appropriate considering the culture there (maybe they are waffling around in a lower division). -All of teams in the Caribbean dressing up like they are the national teams are kind of hokey, IMO. Though all-in-all, a well done does not even suffice given all of the work it took to create this masterpiece. (**) (**) FAKE EDIT: Nevermind, I see that SWFLSC was established in 1976. And at least you spelled "Fort Myers" correctly on your website.
  2. I don't see any teams in SWFL. All I see is a team in Tampa, Miami, and Key West.
  3. You have to have 500 posts and be a member for 6 months at the minimum.
  4. FYP /Excessive Grammar Correction Really, is it necessary to correct someone on their grammar, THANKS FOR TROLLIN!!! FYP /Excessive Grammar Correction No, he was right. Conference USA also grabbed Florida Atlantic last week. Well I'm a complete dumbass. (Not surprising that my real life ups translate to the Internet.)
  5. FYP. (Yeah, I started a thread on this.) Also, JR Hildebrand's IndyCar (#4) had a San Francisco 49ers paint scheme a few weeks ago at Sonoma. (Jim Harbaugh is a part owner of this team.)
  6. Any fonts that goes with the letter "C" that is not a ripoff of the font used on the Chicago Theatre marquee?
  7. I keep hearing that the Maple Leafs are moving to Alert, or the bottom of Lake Ontario.
  8. It's not, however, the club is a part of the USL Professional Division.
  9. This concept series is AWESOME!!! I was thinking about making a concept series based on a sport I made up (stay tuned). P.S.: I recommend when you post something (a post or a topic) that you do not click "Add Reply" (or anything similar) more than once. It causes multiple posts. P.P.S.: This thread is probably dead now because I just posted now. (What is it that everybody hates about me?)
  10. Sorry for reiterating this, but he is a rough mockup of what I'm looking for:
  11. I have another whale: An aqua bucket/fishing hat with the Miami Dolphins logo on it. I saw someone a few years ago wearing one and I just remembered it.
  12. I was at a barber shop last weekend and I saw a person wearing this jersey.
  13. Does anybody have an Adidas TechFit football template in .svg or .ai?
  14. I have two whales: -Florida Marlins Teal Alternate Jersey (Size: Adult Small or Youth XL) -Miami Dolphins Navy Jersey (same size) I found a Dan Marino Miami Dolphins Navy Jersey at a Ross once (though it was a large).
  15. I think Adidas makes the most boring uniforms in college football (with the exception of Michigan this year).
  16. I like every major pro team in Florida. Let me expand upon it further. NFL- My favorite team has been the Miami Dolphins ever since I started to seriously pay attention to American football (2010). It wasn't because of their winning record (7-9, back-to-back seasons, yeah right), it probably was because of the color of the jersey, and the fact that my first football jersey was a Zach Thomas #54 aqua jersey. I have respect for the Buccaneers and Jaguars (my 2nd and 3rd favorite NFL teams, respectively). MLB- Because of my background, baseball was (and probably still is) my favorite sport. Everybody except my father in the Puerto Rican side of my family likes the Yankees; I HATE the Yankees (just like my father), I think me being a Yankees fan makes me a stereotype. (The other side of my family is Dominican, by the way.) As long as a can remember I have been a Marlins fan (2003 was a great year), they existed since I was born (I'm 18, BTW). I am also a Rays fan since the beginning of 2008 (something about the name "Devil Rays" scared me). NHL- I am a Lightning and Panthers fan (don't ask how that is possible). NBA- I am a Heat and Magic fan (again, don't ask how this is possible), but I refrained from being a Heat fan last year because I don't like everybody hating me (but I'm back as a fan this year). College- I didn't care for college sports, I just rooted for who I liked. This is going to change this fall. I'm going to an NCAA Division I University in Florida (Hint: It is not Florida, Florida State, or Miami). Association Football (Soccer)- I wish there is an MLS club in Florida. The nearest club is in either Houston or Washington, DC, and I don't care for either. Australian Rules Football- No team in particular, I'm just fascinated by the sport. Note: I root for Florida teams because someone has to, and I don't want to be another wannabe northeastern team (New York, Boston, Philadelphia) fan from Florida.
  17. I'm new here, so don't kill me. I like the navy trim on the Miami Dolphins logo. It works well, IMO. Miami Dolphins Logo
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