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  1. This: That's all it was. The mouth line looked shorter and it is, but not by much. Looked a bit smaller even than this, which is why it caught my hawk eye. His skin is also a bit darker, which is a good decision.
  2. Watch the Video it's a just a 3d version of logo moving around. It's not off center. Screen cap was taken when logo was moving at an angle. Yeah, that's what I meant. I'm not sure if you can get a perfect straight-on view of the logo.
  3. Could you switch the red to purple or add some purple?
  4. Ark

    NBA Courts

    Awesome. Just a suggestion: You should make concepts of the arena names as well. Like the Twolves court could be called Gemini Arena or something.
  5. I love these. I really like how the side stripes look like Vikings' horns. To me they're just as good or better than the three-stripe version.
  6. Great pics, I hope they use the grey pants as their main ones (although I wish the stripes had more green).
  7. This would be great!! However, green jerseys should only be for us (12th Fan) and never for the players. A throwback would be perfect. Green pants would be interesting though. http://farm6.static....acd412441_o.png Such teases! It's crazy I really was like "what is going on" when I saw seattles new unis for the first time. And every single week I've just liked them more and more and this week is no exception. I think seeing uniforms in-game stops you from dissecting every little flaw.
  8. I disagree with this so much, the Penguins wordmark jerseys look great. Edit: I disagree with a lot of this thread actually. Not worth singling out just one example.
  9. I like the Zebra stripes, but I agree about the piping.
  10. I'm totally used to it by now. Something seems more fluid about watching a playlist of videos, but I never really watch playlists so I could be wrong about that. It's also A LOT better on an iPad.
  11. Why. Those colors are much more industrial than the throwback colors, which is perfect for a team called the Oilers.
  12. I really like that Thorns name and logo. I also think that Sirens is the best of three.
  13. I wonder if there were any arguments when burgundy was made a different color from maroon.
  14. I agree from the real-life pics, but the site description says silver and the site pic could go either way. And the numbers look silver as well.
  15. Oh, those look close to white. Edit; I looked up more pics from those games. They look different in different lighting or something. I really like the bottom pic's silver.
  16. I've heard about the Seahawks having all-silver uniforms that probably won't be used this season, but this site just added combos that I've never seen before. I wish they had some green, but I love these. Anyone know if and when they'll be used?