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  1. I think the Patriot's "Flyin' Elvis" logo is VASTLY superior to their spiking Colonial soldier logo (though I don't think that is a very unpopular opinion) Oh, and I hate this new "retro" craze.
  2. Peyton Manning is no longer an Indianapolis Colt. I seriously think he will retire. I personally wouldn't risk it, considering how fragile his neck is. plus, he's been playing for 14 Years now.
  3. What I love about your design is how simple and versatile it is. When it's growling, it looks fit for an NFL Squad, but when it has that cute smile, it would be perfect for a Pee-wee League. I have loved seeing this thing evolve. I currently have no complaints! Maybe try putting in a tad bit more color, like in the eyes?
  4. This is one of the best re-designs I have ever seen. I really love when someone adds "____ Club" on their logos. It makes them look professional and has always been appealing to me.
  5. I'm liking this. It gives a classic logo a polish.
  6. it''s.....incredible! EDITED: unnecessary quote
  7. Looking back at this, my comment was a tad controversial and out of line, and I apologize. I know how sensitive people can be when it comes to politics. Anyways, as said before, I liked the White Cans, and honestly had little problem differentiating between them and Diet Coke.
  8. Analyze Data showing natural Earthly Warming and Cooling periods. Blame Humanity. Make money on "Green" Products and mandates. Problem? -Al Gore
  9. Seriously, though.When I saw those Stars unis for the 1st time, I was, you could say........ (Puts on sunglasses) STARSTRUCK
  10. Heh. I didn't know Midas made Sports pads.
  11. Thanks. Script added above numbers, front numbers thickened.
  12. Hello, CCSLC. As you more than likely know, I am new here. I hope to stick around here for awhile and enjoy myself. Anywho, I have decided to take a crack at this new craze around here...Logo and Uniform concepts. I decided to take on something that was not that broken and not too challenging to fix up for my first concept: The Carolina Panthers uniforms. Now the originals are okay, but are a strange clash of blocky conformity and whacky 90's font and striping ( I find the randomness of the striping odd, as well). I decided to go on with Light blue, which I think is a more unique color. I streamlined the shoulder and helmet striping, and incorporated a lesser-known logo. I know, I know, this is on Paint, and little details are off, but I haven't the resources or time to get all-out design software and such. Tell me what you think. Full on C&C is accepted.