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  1. Not to worry. Those fugly Warriors jerseys were in NBA Live 09 as well without seeing real life. Why EA Sports put them in there, I have no idea. Oh the horror! What the heck is that!?! PLEASE tell me that Warriors jersey is one of those fan-made custom jerseys. If not...
  2. Speaking of the logo on the hat, here's this year's Stanley Cup Finals logo I have to say, I like it better, since it fits better with the NHL logo than last year's blue logo.
  3. Came here to post this, but now I can't stop laughing. Greatest. Avatar. Ever.
  4. Damn, beat me to it. also has a mockup of what the jersey's will look like with the patch. I like the idea of the dual patch, but it looks to much like an equipment tag. I still would have gone with two black circles, one saying "RED" and the other "2". Or maybe black diamonds.
  5. The Chicago Bulls are remembering Johnny "Red" Kerr and Norm Van Lier, who both passed away within hours of each other on Thusday, by wearing black armbands across their sleeves. Red Kerr played for and helped lead the Illinois Fighting Illini to the Final Four in basketball's heyday. He then played professionally in the late 1950's, mostly with the Syracuse Nationals, where he won a world title. He then returned to Chicago, becoming the first head coach of the Bulls and the Suns. But most of today's Bulls knew him as the excitable member of Bulls broadcasts for the last 30 years. The Bulls recently honored him with a ceremony recounting his life and acomplishments, including tributes from past and future hall-of-famers Dolph Schayes, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. The team also dedicated a statue of him as a broadcaster which was placed in the United Center. Red passed away at 76 after battling prostate cancer. Norm Van Lier played for the Bulls from 1971 to 1978, helping lead the team to its first two appearances in the conference finals. The backcourt of Jerry Sloan and Van Lier layed down heavy defense against greats like Jerry West, Rick Barry, and Oscar Robertson. He too became part of Bulls broadcasts, most recently with Comcast SportsNet, added a sense of cool and toughness. Norm passed away too soon at the age of 61. They will be missed by all of Chicago, and many more accross the country.
  6. Because they have Don Nelson who is as much of a celebrity coach as there is, and they score a lot of points. That's the only reason I can think of off top. EDIT: Brad Miller & John Salmons of the Kings have been traded to the Bulls for Drew Gooden & Andres Nocioni. It's basically a trade just to trade. It's good for the Hawks tonight, though. The Kings will be without 28 ppg...but I bet money that the Hawks will find a way to lose tonight. And more evidence that John Paxson is mailing it in during his last few months as GM.
  7. First of all, the answer to your question is $$$$$. (Though I don't know if they'll be selling these hideous things). But I agree with you, that since many fans aren't familiar with all the young players, wearing their own team's uniforms helps you keep track of them. I mean, are you going to recognize Aaron Brooks outside of a Rockets' jersey?
  8. The Bulls are honoring Johnny "Red" Kerr with a ceremony at halftime of tonight's game against the Pistons. They're wearing their road red uniforms at home, and put a tribute logo on each side of the halfcourt line. Among those attending will be Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.
  9. Probably the single strangest thing I've seen in the sports talk format. What do you guys think?
  10. Oh wow, I didn't know we had another NBA game today/tonight. And I remember the red/green combo from before, but who'd Portland play last year? ...Seatle? You are correct, sir.
  11. They're actually auctioning off the game-worn jerseys with the patches, but I don't believe they'll sell jerseys with patches for retail. Update: The Cavs are wearing their navy uniforms at home against the Wiz, and neither are wearing snowflakes. Update again: The Cavs have white jerseys with patches made, but decided to wear their navy alts at the last minute to coincide with some shoe LeBron James is debuting today. I friggin hate marketing like that. Basically saying I'm bigger than the rest of the league. Guess that's why karma has them losing to the four-win Wizards.
  12. You can barely make it out on home uniforms, but it's a snowflake with the NBA logo at center.
  13. Okay, since Paul Lukas couldn't specify, the confirmed throwbacks for this season so far are: Cavaliers: 1978-1979? gold home uniforms Hornets: New Orleans Buccaneers ABA home uniforms 76ers: 1982-1983 home uniforms Wizards: 1962-1963 Chicago Zephrys home uniforms Any others people know of?
  14. Kings wore their purple uniforms again at home tonight (11/15) against the Suns.
  15. Going deep enough into the NBA's online store, you'll find the Allen Iverson #1 jerseys. But you'll also find the new Nugget Chauncey Billups' jerseys with a #7. Chauncey Billups #7 jersey