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  1. Does anyone know what font is used here?
  2. Here is a logo I did for Eric Young Jr of the Rockies:
  3. I would definitely be interested in buying some designs from people here, I own the clothing line Sports Swag. Feel free to email me at kabir@sportsswag.com!
  4. Yet they have only faced 3 NFC West teams out of their 12 games...
  5. Those are amazing! Size: 1920x1080 Medium: Embroidery or Foil Stamp, your choice Logo: Here You can delete the text part of it if it looks better with just the SS. Background color: Whatever color you used in your first post.
  6. Demonized (Please don't use it...ever. We beg of you. ) THANKS A TON! Why should I not use it, hidden joke or something lol
  7. I am new here but have been browsing this forum a lot, what font is this here?