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  1. I wish they would give up on the black.. it's LONG over due. I was hoping all the hype around their old throwbacks last year would lead to a new, clean red/white uniform... or just go back to the 1969 and call it a day. I don't get it!
  2. My thoughts exactly. The red alternates were meant for home DAY games at the minimum. I know it's minor, but I hate seeing that jersey, with white accents, being worn on the road with grey pants. The Reds had an opportunity to really change it up for this upcoming season. I saw a decent amount of chatter to remove the black... addition by subtraction. Go back to something timeless/classic and be done with it. Embrace the red and finally ditch the black, once and for all. I guess there's still a chance they introduce update jerseys with Nike taking over at some point this winter, but if the new red alt has black accents... then that's not a good sign for this year.
  3. And the new uniforms they introduced STILL have the black drop shadow. Will they ever recognize this just muddles up the uniforms?! They wore their red alt much more last season than just home/day games, so I have a feeling these new alts will be worn whenever they want... which is unfortunate.
  4. The Cincinnati Reds - it's long over due. Drop the black. Adopt the look clean, crisp, classic look from 1970 and be done with it.
  5. You are me are in the same boat. Every year I wish the same exact as you. No more black drop shadow. No black bill on the road cap. Just a simple, clean, red/white color scheme. I hate the road uni's and comptelely agree, the black drop shadow is hard on the eyes. I was impressed when the Rangers removed the drawp shadow from their look, it made their uni's much better looking and easier on the eye balls. Addition by subtraction.
  6. So, Uni Watch has the 2015 official All Star Baseball... and of course the baseball stiching is Red/Black... and that annoys me. Why, oh why can't the Reds ditch ALL black once and for all. Red and White period. Classic.
  7. You and me both. I'm dreading the day they officially dust off the black alt hats this season.
  8. No!! While they have always been for sale, this just tells me they ARE going to dust these crappy hats off and probably put them in their away rotation. First it started with the black BP cap, then the black away BP jersey, now it seems as though we will see pinstriped, sleeveles unitorms again and the dark ages aren't far off... just like when they wore black at home in the early 2000's. Why can't they follow the Rangers leave and just drop the black drop shadows, etc and go back to classic red and white. Black sells. It's a s simple as that. However, it looks horrible when you pair it with the REDS.
  9. I'm traumatized as well. I too had high hopes for a cleaner, drop shadow-less Reds uniforms. I fear that black is making a comeback, which is actually unbelievable since some teams are wising up and doing away with black altogether (Mets / Rangers). I'm crossing my fingers they don't start wearing their Sunday / Day game red tops on more than just those specific games. I am a big proponent of white for home and grey on the road. Instead of an alt, I would like to see the Reds do what other teams have done. Bring back an old style uniform to wear on Sundays.
  10. Talk about the Cincinnati Reds taking two steps back. When they went to the new uniforms in 2007 it was nice seeing them phase out the black, minus the black drop shadows. Now it appears black is becoming a dominant color, once again. Needless to say I'm not looking forward to the next major uniform overhaul if this is the trend.
  11. It looks like the Reds will have a new camo jersey and a St Pattys day jersey which will be unveiled at Redsfest in a few days. Yuck. Also, from the looks of the pics, their away jerseys will have a small tweak this season. The red/white/red sleeve striping will be at the bottom of the sleeve instead of slightly above the bottom.
  12. Yeah, that's exactly what baseball needs, another R/W/B team and more navy. Agreed. But again, if they insisted on adding a third color, navy blue would be the way to go. Here's to hoping the Reds never go back to their look from the early 2000's... by wearing more black than red (especially at home). Bleh. Edit: If they feel the need to add a third color,some modern modification of this look would be a-ok:
  13. I stopped by the Reds official store on their MLB website and the amount of black hoodies, shirts, etc is sickening. I know the away BP jersey is 99 percent black. It appears the away dugout jackets will be black from the looks of it. It looks like they are taking two steps back and shoving black down our throats once again. They need to do as the Rangers. Addition by subtraction. If they HAVE to have a third color, why not harken back to the old days and add navy blue. I still prefer just white/red. The 1970 uniforms were pure perfection.
  14. Oh good , I'm not the only one begging for the Reds to drop all black drop shadows. Sadly, they are taking 2 steps back with their black away BP hat and the new heavily black away BP jersey. It also looks like the coaches dugout jacket for away games will be heavy on the black this year.
  15. I have the same concerns, those late 90's/early 2000's jerseys where they were wearing the black t shirts under their vests were hideous. Also, the Los does have a black drop shadow on the actual jersey as you can see.