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  1. They wore BP jerseys in one game, IIRC. Auctioned off afterwards for charity or something. I'm a lurker here that has never posted, but I collect jerseys and own a blue Tigers alt. from 1995 (I'm a BIG Tigers fan.) I believe that the Cardinals wore a knit red alt. jersey for one game in 1998 or 1999, then auctioned them off. I vividly recall seeing a knit red Cards alt. for sale in a sporting goods store in the late 1990s. It was a Russell authentic ... shoulda bought it (along with the Angels' navy blue alt with powder blue sleeves one gamer ... UGLY!). I have 90 or so jerseys (some of them bought from Henderson), so I know the difference between an authentic, bp and replica. I've connected with one or two diehard Cardinals fans over the years that have vouched for the authenticity of the one-gamer. Just trying to get my hands on one...
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