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  1. If you're still distributing the template - Thanks!
  2. Via instagram, looks like they will stay with red helmets.
  3. Hurricanes Officially announce Home & Road uniforms
  4. Seeing as though I haven't had the chance to get in on a contest in a while, I'd like to jump in on this....I'm in.
  5. It's Ice, and were inm the process of developing our league, Charlotte High School Hockey Association (Liink). This team has been around since 1997, started playing in House leagues in Eastland mall, now prodomitaly plays in Pinville.
  6. It's Club, we are the first established program in the State.
  7. bttt I would like any suggesions (no matter how far fetched). This is my first logo design in over a year and I want to do it right.
  8. Wow, and now all these schools are playing in the same confrence... pcgd- Thats a concept we played around with 5 years ago, and didn't quite worth. It just needed better execution.
  9. I working to update the logo for my old High School Hockey team, and he's what I helped create in the past: This is a sample of our original logo (The V and the Head), although there was more red in the image. This is the Logo used for the last 4 years. School Name: North Mecklengh HS (North Meck is what we're referred to as) Colors: Primary White and Blue (C:100 Y:100 M:0 K:0) Secondary (If Needed) Red (C:0 Y:100 M:100 K:0) What the logo should demonstrate Tradition, Excellence, Class, and Pride, unique/original I would just like to hear some suggestions before I sit down and figure out. i'm also interseted in ideas for a secondary logo (shoulder patch). **Copied from Requests**
  10. Keep them as is...especially now that Philip Rivers will be wearing one
  11. Clarkey


    This is actually how I got into designing uniforms (and the reason why I do my best work with hockey). Your best bet is to get templates from or because they are modeled after the game templates, not to mention where/how you put them into the game. Its a pretty easy process. BTW, this should be asked in the request forum although the question has its merit here.
  12. Well, due to unforeseen computer problem...err, my notebook craping out on me when all my design work is on it ...looks like I'll be sitting this one out, but hopefully I can fix it and at least post an unfinished concept. Good Luck to all.
  13. I agree with Tank about the LA concept, but its a good looking jersey... As for the Flyers...I think the Black is a bit too dominate. I'm not sure black will work with their current shoulder pattern, but I do agree for an alternate it would work. I'm just a traditionalist that wants to see the old orange jerseys back in action
  14. Looks like I have my work cut out if I want to defend my title...I'm looking forward to this, but I have a feeling this is going to be a tough war!!!