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  1. Got a question about copying something I already posted. I posted some thumbnail images which have external links when clicked. I know some forums allow you to go in and edit your post and when you do that you can also copy the embedded code for the thumbnails too. I can't figure out how to do it on this site. It might not allow that to be done on this site, but thought I ask in case I just missing it somehow. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. would you be able to do any Appalachian State wallpapers that you have going? Thanks

  3. What I do is this. First, in Acrobat, zoom right in on the pdf to make sure the graphic in it is indeed originally a vector graphic. If it pixelates, it's probably a gif or other raster file in the original. If it is a vector, then I save the pdf. I then open up Illustrator and open the pdf. File>Open It comes up with a box "Acrobat pdf plug in". From there I pick the page I want to get the graphic from. That's about it really. Maybe you're missing some of the software. Follow those steps and once you open it it illustrator, it will work like any other AI file. If it is indeed vector.
  4. Try looking on Adobe Exchange for brushes or other aged effects. Lots of free stuff on there. You trying to do it only in Illustrator? Seems like more of a Photoshop job. If you do that you can try using the Machine Wash action/plugin. They have a good looking aged/weathered look.
  5. Not sure how to from reader, I use full Acrobat. But you can open PDF's with Illustrator and get them that way. And if the layers are not visible in AI, I think when you export, it takes those layers out automatically. So if you have some elements that can be turned on and off, keep them visible for exporting.
  6. Far as I know it should have all the function of the full retail version.
  7. As long as there is a stroke, the option should be there. An object it one whole thing. You could use the Slice tool and draw the shape you want and it will cut the object into pices.
  8. Anyone know a way to add to a Swatch group that has been saved already? The Swatches open differently in Illustrator then they do in Photoshop. I know in Photoshop just opening the Swatch you can make new ones into the one just opend and then just save it when you're done. But Illustrator opens the Swatch into it's own little window and I have not found a way to add new ones to it and then be able to save it. The only way I have found is to click every swatch in the one I open so it becomes a color in the document I am working on, then I can resave it over. But it is a pain to click a couple hundred colors to add to the document. Anyone know of a way to add new colors to a Swatch group in CS2?
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