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  1. I knew the camo wan't correct for all branches. I just happen to like the digital just cuz it's more "techie" and like the color scheme of the one I been using. Eventually I might re-do the branch logos to the correct como's since I finally have a good vector version of the digital camo that I can use.
  2. Thanks for the condolences guys! Much appreciated.
  3. Hey all! Been away for a while. The past few months I have been helping my grandfather with his health. Back in May I started driving him to all of his doctor appointments because he was having trouble walking and would fall. In May he was walking with a walking stick and by September he pretty much couldn't walk at all. Doctors had a had time finding out what was going on with him. Turns out he had a couple spots of cancer on his spine and suffering strokes. Sadly we lost him Thanksgiving night. Now that he's in a better place I will be getting back to these again shortly. Hope everyone has been happy and healthy and hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season.
  4. Been trying to keep up on these, but been dealing with health issues of a family member the past few weeks. Should be able to get going again like before.
  5. Added the new Winnipeg Jets logos. Added to the pink and camo sets as well.
  6. Got a question about copying something I already posted. I posted some thumbnail images which have external links when clicked. I know some forums allow you to go in and edit your post and when you do that you can also copy the embedded code for the thumbnails too. I can't figure out how to do it on this site. It might not allow that to be done on this site, but thought I ask in case I just missing it somehow. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Added the new Nashville Predators logos.
  8. To me, looking at the logo, I read it as PDJ and not JDP. Try and figure out how to get them to be clearly read in the correct order.
  9. It was on some of the sheets I have for them. The official sheet even questions the year.
  10. That will be in there for sure!
  11. Just in time for the finals. Did some of the old colors with the new logos.