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    If you put the 1986 Celtics in a blender, it'd come out a strawberry milkshake... That's how sweet they were.
  1. Heading to the Land of Lincoln Showdown! Nah, its not a rivalry much anymore, but Northwestern/Illini should be fun up in Evanston. (Though I hear NU has no school spirit during games). It'll be fun, last college game I went to was ND/Utah some 3 years ago(?)
  2. Can I get the YSU Penguins National Championships for football? Thanks
  3. Youngstown State football has been in a steady decline since Tressell left, the former OSU & YSU coach led them to 2 National Championships. YSU is my favorite FCS team, and they have some pretty boring uniforms made by Under Armor. I decided to give them a new look made by Nike, including a 'Back In Black' jersey (NIKE WOULD SO DO THAT), and include one of Nike's cheesy yet somewhat inspiring mottos. Enjoy!
  4. I plan on hopefully doing a New Orleans team and a San Antonio/Charlotte team
  5. Here's some hat options. Personally I like the white ones since no MLB team has a white hat.
  6. Edited the font, added number on away.
  7. If there is one thing I've learned from my time here its TAKE YOUR TIME, SLOW DOWN, FINISH, REVIEW, REDO, LOOK AT, POST, REDO. So far those 2 jerseys are not as good as they could be. Ask yourself the question, "Could I see these actually being worn?" All I'm seeing here is rushed work. There is a topic on here with a bunch of paint templates. It should help a bunch, it helped me take my concept from a piece of rushed crap into a respectable one. Now onto C&C....... FSU - Honestly I could never see these being worn, the font is unrealistic and the numbers are too far spaced. I'd take this back to the drawing board. ND- As an ND fanatic (I mean look at my username), I like these, I like the light green coming back like how ND's basketball jerseys looked. I'd work on the font though, it looks to "robotic" so to say. Try using the ND font. Also ND would wear Adidas.
  8. While I work on the logo more here is some uniforms...
  9. Not named the Kings! That was just a city hint, I was going to name them Kings, but its generic and there is the Royals. Aww, is the name at least Elvis related? Nope! Allow me to introduce to you...... The Las Vegas Black Jax! the logo is based off two major neon signs in Vegas. Vegas Vic: and I name Black Jax seemed so unique and good for a team in Vegas because of the gambling, but I didn't want to use the cards for logos (seeing everyone & their brother uses those for Vegas) so I researched major Vegas landmarks and history.
  10. Not named the Kings! That was just a city hint, I was going to name them Kings, but its generic and there is the Royals.
  11. I'm thinking of continuing this topic with another team now that we're almost done with the Beavers. I have a team in progress right now that I've been working on since Friday. Here's a hint: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPuKoqu6kMk
  12. I think I'll take a poll on a shoulder patch
  13. While I work on that, here's a 3rd jersey I made and a stars & stripes hat.