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  1. Yeah, if it could be an awesome throwback and if they could make them the permanent home uniforms next year, that'd be great.
  2. Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg's actual alternate falls short of the mark. It's just kind of... meh. It exists and to me that's about it. I've taken the sleeve-length stripes off of the home jersey and added them back to the alternates, using their lighter blue and gray as the color scheme and using the alternate logo rather than the wordmark because the wordmark looks bad as a primary jersey logo. Also, I've updated the Maple Leafs to reflect John Tavares being named captain.
  3. The Avs switched to a different company for their lettering this year, so that may be why that changed.
  4. Looks like Arizona is going WWR at Colorado. Good. That’s one of only two combinations they should be wearing on the road. EDIT: Oh man, those white helmets look so good with red facemasks. They should only ever be worn with contrasting facemasks.
  5. See, and that's the problem with the supposed "dark green." It looks black on the helmet but somewhat green on the pants. Just ditch the color since it looks so damn inconsistent and stick with a proper shade of green that is clearly green and doesn't need specific lighting conditions to look green.
  6. Buffalo Sabres Given that the league has lost one royal blue team IRL (Oilers) and I took another team (Islanders) out of royal blue, and given that Buffalo has announced that they're moving back to royal blue next year anyway, I decided to get ahead of the curve and, in the process of updating the Sabres to account for Eichel being given the C, changed them back to royal blue. The design remains the same. The alternates are pretty easy choices. The home alternate is a gold alternate that isn't a total piece of :censored: like the Turdburger was. The road alternate focuses on the gray trim as a reference to the city's nickname as the Nickel City. Is the connection tenuous because there's a less-than-stellar reason why Buffalo is called the Nickel City? Yes. Do I care? No. The combination of silver and royal blue with a small amount of gold trim looks good to my eyes.
  7. ...after the entirety of the Flash Gordon soundtrack by Queen.
  8. The oversized logo on one side with a number on the other side trend really needs to stop. In what way does that look good?
  9. Humility is a foreign concept to a lot of Notre Dame fans.
  10. Once I finish 31/31, the next two parts of the project will be vintage jerseys for some teams and defunct teams.
  11. If it mocks the ancient dinosaur in the gaudy suits, it’s worth overdoing.
  12. I mean, the orange alternate looks good as a modern take on the look but it's just not the same. This jersey was phenomenal: There's no good reason that it can't be worn a couple of times per year. Throwback nights work well for the Devils. They worked well for the Coyotes. In an ideal world, they'd start by doing what the Coyotes did and wear them a few times per year, then, like the Penguins did, shift them to full-time alternates and then a couple of seasons later, move back to them as the primaries full time. And before I hear any arguments about how they won a Cup in black so they should stick with it, there are countless examples of teams making changes (some good, some bad) after winning Cups.
  13. I would make a comment about how having pyramid schemes be shirt sponsors does no favors for a league trying to be top-tier but then I remember that there are top-level leagues in Europe that boast such eminent sponsors as despotic Middle Eastern regimes and Chinese gambling syndicates.
  14. St. Louis Blues The roundel returns! This is another one where it's a different shade of blue. I've taken the 2008-16 alternate and fiddled with it. For one, I've added a white hem and a white yoke because the white sleeve cuffs look weird if they're not coordinated with the rest of the jersey. Most important of all, however: inspired by recent Blues news, red has returned as a tertiary color to the scheme. Unlike the 1995-98 jersey, however, it stays as just trim and there's no Anaheim ripoff diagonal design because that combined with red being such a huge part of the color scheme looked dumb then and it looks dumb now. I don't care that red is the single most prominent color on the St. Louis flag. It just looks dumb on their jerseys. The road alternate is a simple color swap.