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  1. Nike is just killing it this year. Why can't their work always be this good?
  2. Coachella and Stagecoach have both been postponed to early and late October, respectively.
  3. This keeps happening to me but only on desktop. On mobile it doesn't happen.
  4. Arizona's recent spring camp videos feature the white helmet with the asymmetrical stripe and blue facemask a lot. Hopefully I'm not reading in to that too much.
  5. I wasn't aware of that. If I'm going to be corrected, I'm glad it's by an expert, then.
  6. If you go by the Pantones, Winnipeg's is definitely darker than St. Louis'.
  7. The lighting in that first picture looks off.
  8. He’s the guy who writes Uni Watch and he’s famous for disliking the use of purple in sports. Winnipeg’s shade is darker than what St. Louis uses in their alt.
  9. Nobody uses powder blue. The only team that uses a color that comes close is St. Louis in their third, so even if Quebec does do blue and red, it would be somewhat unique. In any case, there are only six teams that currently use some form of blue and red and of those six, one uses a pair of shades that is unique (Colorado) and one has a minimal amount of red trim with the exception of their pants (Columbus) so Quebec doing blue and red wouldn't be "[just] another blue & red team."
  10. The major sports' leagues focus on brand simplification at the expense of creativity is tiresome and I want to slap the taste out of the mouth of whoever first thought it was a good idea.
  11. Yes please. Add the updated stick-in-rink to those and they'd be absolutely gorgeous. Those are the best jerseys the Canucks have ever had.
  12. It’s close, but it predates ASU’s use of that font since Arizona’s been using that number font since at least 2010. Interestingly enough, Arizona used to use two different number fonts on their jerseys. Their home whites and road grays used a block font while the red and blue alternates used the font now on all four jerseys.
  13. Atlanta Thrashers I'm still working on the alternates for Tampa Bay, Toronto and Vegas, so in the meantime, here's something for one of the defunct teams. You may be asking yourself why I've gone and done Atlanta's alternates before their primaries, and the answer is simple: Atlanta's primaries are based off of their asymmetrical jerseys and I can't get the sleeve wordmark to look right. It's a work in progress. As for their alternates, I decided to take their Edge alternate and try to make it suck less. Did I succeed? That's for you to decide.