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  1. The Diamondbacks no longer use the dark gray for their road uniforms and powder blues need to stay in the history books. They look awful. They were a stupid fad in the 1970s and they're an even dumber fad to revive today.
  2. I would make the shoulder horns on CSU stand out more. From the neck down on the green alternate, I don't see Colorado State, I see Miami because the horns are so subtle.
  3. We'll see a repeat of the Golden Knights situation. The league will give them overly-generous expansion draft rules so they can establish a good team and get off to a good start.
  4. Alright, so now that I've finished 31/31 teams for both their primaries and alternates, here's what I'm planning right now. I have the designs solidified for the World Cup teams. The only issue is finding a font that works for them. I'm trying to find a good font that works for all of them since Nike seems to like doing one font for all of their teams in major competitions. I am going to translate Seattle's new jerseys over to my format. It's likely that I won't make serious changes. Some teams will start getting vintage jerseys, and it's possible that a couple of teams with throwbacks/fauxbacks that are currently listed as their alternates will get those relisted as their vintage jerseys while also getting new alternates.
  5. Business entity that will be missing one of its biggest revenue streams this season makes decision necessary to replace missing revenue. In other news, the Pope is Catholic.
  6. Dallas Stars Both sets have had their numbers changed. The trim on the original primary numbers was far too thick, while the two-color numbers on the original alternates didn't match with the striping. Also, the alternates' collars have been changed to match the striping as well.
  7. Spanos never wanted to stay in San Diego. He paid more to relocate than he ever committed to contributing to a new stadium in SD. The fans didn’t want to pay more taxes for an owner who had no desire to keep his team in town and made that clear by refusing to take the steps necessary to put a good product on the field. Spanos is scum and the blame lays solely at his feet.
  8. What, no love for the 2001 team? They went to the final that year. Obviously I love that 1997 look. The Cats need to go back to that look.
  9. Vegas Golden Knights This one, like so many others, went through a lot of revisions. The latest version of this before the final was primarily black and silver with gold trim. It retained the V design but combined it with a horizontal hem stripe and the darker trim on the front continued on the back. I realized that having a two-color back of the jersey didn't look as good as the two-color front of the jersey so I continued the pants stripe up the side of the jersey to act as a cut-off point for the darker color. The color scheme combines the steel gray of the Golden Knights with the primarily red and black scheme of the Wranglers, so these are a slight homage to the city's hockey history. And with that, I have completed all four jerseys for all 31 teams! I'll now begin doing some more vintage teams, some current teams' vintage jerseys, some World Cup stuff and maybe even the All-Star Game jerseys.
  10. It's so nice that Spanos waited to make a move that could've gotten him a bit more favor with the crowds in San Diego until after he left San Diego. :censored: you, Spanos.
  11. Tampa Bay Lightning I revised the color scheme slightly to make it more in line with the 2001-07 jerseys, which were the team's best look. The alternates have, like many others, gone through a lot of revisions. I wanted to do something that made some reference to the Storm jerseys, so the stripes are lightning-esque and the color scheme is more blue-heavy compared to the mostly-black color scheme of the primaries.
  12. Yep, that's part of the reason why I got banned way back in the day. I was a particularly bad case but I'm not the only person who's lost their temper when discussing politics.
  13. The Blackhawks would really benefit from bringing back the tan outline around their logo.
  14. I love what you’ve done with Arizona, especially the inclusion of the copper stripe in such a limited way. One small quibble: “Bear Down” is two words. Also, I’m not sure that I’m feeling the football font on the other jerseys. That has more to do with the fact that I just don’t like that font in general and wish that football would go back to the Nick Foles-era number font.
  15. Toronto Maple Leafs I have returned! This one went through a few different versions. The versions immediately preceding these two incorporated gray quite a bit. The home alternate was gray with blue stripes. I settled on the design that you see here, but I realized that it'd be tough to make the same style work for the road version with both blue and gray on a white base. Then I realized that it could work just fine with no gray. This one incorporates cues from multiple eras. The sleeve-length yoke and matching collar calls to mind the Ballard-era jerseys, which despite their association with a guy who is probably the worst owner in league history, weren't all that bad. The sleeve stripes are reminiscent of the 1967 Cup-winning team, while the chest stripes are slightly derivative of some of the St. Pats' jerseys. I've got something rough done for both Tampa Bay and Vegas' alternates, so it's entirely possible that I might have 124/124 current team jerseys done before this topic hits 2 years old. Then I'm going to get something going for Hartford and Quebec, along with some World Cup jerseys and some teams' vintage jerseys.