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  1. Awesome work so far! I'm glad to see someone else take a shot at Nike-fying the NHL since it reminds me that I need to get back to mine. I've still got work to do. I really like the use of the updated 2D centurion on the Senators. It's a much better logo than the original.
  2. Last year's thread was started on New Year's Day and now that the national championships have all been decided, it's time to start talking next season. Have at it. I'll start with some speculation that last year's Desert Swarm throwbacks may be making another appearance for Arizona, based on their schedule tweet. Given the positive reception they got despite the loss in them and given that most fans hate the current uniforms, it wouldn't surprise me if this is the direction they're going in.
  3. Welcome to the Continental League  CRichardson !!!

    Looking forward to the Huskies barking up a storm this season.



  4. You can't receive any new PMs, so please indicate whether or not you'll be returning in the NCFAB subforum. Thanks!