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  1. Does anyone have this template in .ai or .svg? I would prefer it in .ai, if anyone has it. I found the designer and links to downloads for it, but no response from the designer and the links are bad. If available, please send to Thank you!
  2. It's created by Andrew Harrington, it's in a thread titled Speed Machine. Use the search tool in the concept forum and you will find it! I know this is an old post , but the links to the related thread are no longer valid. I'm also looking to get this template.
  3. I'm sorry to be reviving old threads, but does anyone have this? Megaupload can no longer be downloaded from. If anyone has this, could you send it to me, please? Thanks, Mike
  4. I realize that this post is a year old, but does anyone have this template they can pass along? The links provided by the original poster are no longer valid. If available and anyone can send it, please send to Thank you in advance. Mike
  5. Ooh, one letter away from being a Kevin "Butt-head" Butler throwback. I was thinking this same thing...#6 in Chicago will be a hand me down from Butler to Cutler...Who's next? Dutler?
  6. The NFL file is missing the Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans...
  7. Sweet...Thanks for sharing...I'll have to give this a try sometime... Let us know how it worked for you...
  8. This should answer any questions.... 2009 NFL Hall Of Fame Game
  9. lmao....I was just thinking the same exact thing...The guy at the end made me laugh...And I thought maybe the girl would smack him.... I'm a Vikings fan and never lost it after 4 Super Bowl losses AND the dreaded 1999 NFC Championship (following the '98 season)... I don't cry when my team loses...I'm used to it...
  10. Fixed Your Post. There, fixed YOUR post....See the dictionary or Wikipedia for the definitions of National and International... Then it should have been named "North American Hockey League"... NFL Europe, WLAF, NFL Europa, whatever you want to call it was for the development of players...True, it was sponsored or owned by the NFL, but developing players for the NFL is still not the NFL...At least all of the names for that particular league were more correct...So, no, I don't "See NFL Europe", since it was NOT the NFL...
  11. If the NFL were to expand outside of the US, it would no longer be the National Football League...It would be the International Football League... For once, can't we keep an American sport inside the US borders?
  12. I actually kind of like these...The only thing that bothers me somewhat is the sleeve stripes...I'm not sure how I would correct or fix it, but they just don't look right to me...Other than that, these look great...
  13. darkhaha, You should tell "The Helmet Project" about this along with the photos...This particular helmet does not exist on that site... The Helmet Project I might point out that there is a photo of this particular helmet at Mike Stanhope's NFL/AFL Helmet History Site, albeit of poor size and quality...
  14. Okay, here is a list of what I converted and can add to "The SVG Movement" Templates for... 1) Baseball Field 2) Softball Field 3) Arena Football Field 4) CFL Football Field 5) NCAA Football Field 6) NFL Football Field 7) FIBA Basketball Court 8) NCAA Basketball Court X 2 (With new updated 3 point lines) 9) NBA Basketball Court 10) Volleyball Court 11) Tennis Court 12) NHL Hockey Rink 13) Field Hockey Field 14) Soccer Field 15) Lacrosse Field 16) QB, RB, WR, DB and DL Action Figures (fixed the gradient problems on the helmets) 17) 3 Football Uniform Styleguides 18) Numerous tshirt and hoody templates I'm only waiting to hear from gingerbreadman now to pass the templates on to him... If you have any other thoughts on what you might like, let me know...I have tons of stuff that I can contribute... Mike
  15. I'll work on these this weekend...I was just messing around with the NFL field and was wondering why I couldn't get the lines on the field to show up...I figured it out, so it shouldn't be a problem to convert...In addition to NFL field, I have the CFL, NCAA and Arena fields for football... I wish I could figure out how to make a grass texture in vector format so the fields are VERY realistic looking...If anyone has any ideas, please let me know...