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  1. The helmets are genuinely and horrifically awful, I have no idea how they got approved by any sane person. I don't see the issues with the number font though, to be honest.
  2. The Dolphins new threads aren't terrible in a vacuum but what element of this uniform looks better than the previous design? Numbers? Helmet? Jersey layout? Color blocking? Nothing here is an upgrade in any way. They aren't terrible in and of themselves, but they're a downgrade in every area.
  3. My only issue with the coloring on the numbers it that I think the outline looks better when it's teal / gold / black, not teal / black / gold. It's minor but I just *like* that better. I think the the black outline frames the gold instead of letting it bleed into the white from a distance.
  4. Yellow and white look great. Glad there's no gray. But that number font is really, really bad. Proportionally, too jagged, too thin, just bad. Not bad overall, but those numbers...
  5. This has probably already been mentioned, but the part that I have the biggest issue with is the facemask not being white. The white facemask / carolina blue helmet really popped. The dark facemask ruins that for me.
  6. I love gray facemasks *shrugs*
  7. I'll probably get ripped for saying this, but what I love about the Oregon unis tonight is that despite having color-shifting numbers and green shoes and chrome helmets and all that, in terms of school colors and the color blocking, with balanced helmets/pants and dark shoes with white socks, this is about as old school as Oregon is gonna look.
  8. Their best combo! Excited to see them actually wearing their colors. My guess is that given a lot of the fan backlash at the university for not wearing school colors in the national championship, they've reacted to that in two consecutive years by going heavy green. I like it and I hope that's consistent, with no black jerseys/pants in the coming years.
  9. Yeah I guess that counts, hadn't really filed it that way in my mind haha, given the silver-ish look of it. I guess what I was referring to was a deeper green / black, cause it has been a long time since that's happened. Touché. Looks to me like they've made the Speed Machine update but I didn't spot any other changes. Looks good to me though.
  10. Oregon will also be wearing white socks, green/iridescent shoes. First time we've seen them go with dark shoes / white socks in a real long time. Maybe since playing Utah at home in 2010?
  11. They didn't fix the Cowboys pants. Bucs staying in shiny pewter pants. Eagles (and I'm assuming Raiders) change nothing but the logo.
  12. Let me preface this by saying... I liked Oregon's Rose Bowl jerseys. I'm more of a traditionalist but I do like some new-school design. But the Seahawks new duds are terrible. Just terrible. My biggest complaint is the numbers.
  13. Jesus the Seahawks duds are awful. Maybe the worst number font Nike's ever concocted.
  14. I'd be content with seeing just the home uniforms so long as they post visuals of the aways and alternates to media sites. Yup. I'd assume after the unveiling the might not have a vehicle to introduce those in a live setting, but they also wouldn't have a reason not to show 'em off online.
  15. One of the biggest things I'm looking at is how they use collars at all - most NFL teams (well, a lot) have a contrasting collar or some sort of striping / design on the collar, and Nike's Speed Machine template really isn't very conducive to that because the collar isn't really separate piece.