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  1. Ryan, great concept, im lookin forward to seeing the erst of your series. I love the idea of using light blue as a primary, i always thought it was underused in baseball. One idea, u might want to switch the white and dark blue on the away's so it can match up with all the trim on the uniform, which is dark blue. And I was wondering, where did u find Robbman's template available?
  2. great job man, i really like the sunday away alt and the number font. Question for ya, where did you get that template from? It's really nice ...
  3. Nick, great concept, what's the name of the font that you used for the numbers from the Nuggets?
  4. Just thought I could clean up the Chips look a little bit ... thanks to AAO for the template from his NBA project.
  5. can i use those vector templates in photoshop?
  6. I posted it seperatly becaus this is my first concept i want to tknow how it turned out, and I wasn't gonna get the extra comments in AAO's thread. My bad if it pisses anyone off, but this is a one time only thing
  7. I entered this in AAO's NFL contest, just wanted some extra C & C ...
  8. I know that the Lions have been done a couple times already, but i like what i came up with and I'm from Michigan so I'm gonna throw it up here. This years's most improved team should have a most improved look ... *EDIT* Made a couple improvements, as well as a much better secondary logo comments and criticisms are encouraged, im fairly new to photshop
  9. so has anyone taken any screen caps of the new graphics on FOX? anything?
  10. does anyone have any good pics of the new graphics for "FOX NFL Sunday" any finds are greatly appreciated