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  1. Slightly off-topic, but - my son's baseball team in the BC Premier Baseball League wore purple, but in my opinion not enough. I campaigned for a purple hat but was rebuffed every time. The story their longtime coach used to tell was that most of the players really didn't like the uni's when they first came to the team, but by the time they finished the color was a staple. He said that if you could look in the drawers of all the former players you would likely find at least one pair of purple socks. In fact I still see those purple socks around on the diamonds of Vancouver Island from time-to-time in men's baseball, softball and slo-pitch leagues. I always ask the wearer if he had played for the Parksville Royals. The answer is always yes.
  2. The sport of rugby league will be coming to Toronto. Not a rugby league. But a rugby league team. Confused yet - to those that don't know, there are two forms of rugby. Rugby union, which is the game most Canadians have knowledge of, and rugby league, which is a high profile sport in Australia (think Jarryd Hayne now of the San Francisco 49ers), and is played at the pro level in England, which is where the Toronto team will be playing. I don't have a lot of details yet, but the team is called the Toronto Wolfpack. In my opinion rugby league is a far better game than rugby union. It is faster, more emphasis is put on try (touchdown) scoring than union, and I believe you have to be a better athlete to play league. And for those of you who come to this site for logos, they have what I think is a great logo. I don't know how to put one on the site yet, but look around on the web and you'll find it.
  3. As a long-suffering Canucks' fan from Day 1, both of their uniform and on-ice lack of success, I applaud the use of Johnny Canuck. I too agree, this is the only true identity the Canucks have ever needed. If the Johnny Canuck logo were ever to grace the front of the Canucks' uniform I would be in hockey heaven. I realised many, many years ago that the Canucks would probably never win the Stanley Cup in my lifetime. Maybe, this would be the boost the team needs to finally lift the Cup.
  4. Born, raised and still live on Vancouver Island, so the BC Lions are my CFL team by default. As are the Canucks in the NHL. I used to be a Leaf fan in hockey (they were good when I was a kid), but they screwed my favorite player around (Dave Keon) and I've had no use for them since. In the NFL I like the Green Bay Packers - they were the team to watch when I was young, and in MLB I like the Cardinals and Athletics. I just like the Cardinals because they do it right and the Athletics were a very good team when I was growing up (World Series titles is 72,73 and 74) and a lot of players from those teams played for the Vancouver Mounties on their way to the big leagues.
  5. Although having his #14 not retired yet by the Maple Leafs is partly his own doing, Dave Keon deserves to have his number retired. Rookie of the Year, two time Lady Byng winner, Conn Smythe Trophy winner, captain of the team at one point, and Hall of Famer. Considered by many to be the greatest Leaf ever.
  6. Jarryd Hayne was a rugby league player before coming to the NFL.
  7. Sorry, just stating some facts and my opinion. I would bet that if you put 100 average North American sports fans in a room and have them watch the Rugby Union and Rugby League World Cup finals, the majority would leave the room preferring Rugby League.
  8. As a fan of rugby league I'm hoping that someday league will be played professionally in North America. League is a much more offense oriented and open than union. League is faster paced and trys (touchdowns) are the order of the day. In union, penalty goals seem to be the preferred mode of scoring. Rugby league also doesn't have lineouts which take forever to bring the ball back into play. League and union both have scrums, but league's scrums are uncontested and are used more to open the field up. The less said about union scrums the better - more often than not they take three cracks at getting it right, and usually don't, before one team or the other gets a penalty before they move on. As well, rugby league has a play-the-ball, which, when the ball carrier is tackled he is permitted to get back up and roll the ball back with his foot to a teammate and play moves right on. Very similar to the center snap in football. Union's answer to this is the ruck, where a bunch of guys roll around on the ground and ram into each other until things get going again. All of this makes the pace of league much faster than union, and much, much faster than American or Canadian football. I kept track of the number of plays in both codes at each codes biggest event. In Australia's National Rugby League Grand Final (league) there were 418 plays. In the Rugby World Cup Final (union) there were 262 plays. I am also going to track the Super Bowl and Grey Cup for number of plays - they won't come close to league, or union for that matter.
  9. I've often wondered how Vancouver Island would do with a team in the NHL. As was stated above, there are 750,000 people on Vancouver Island, and it is a lot smaller than the Northern Ontario region, at about 290 miles in length. If it were to happen an arena would need to be built somewhere approximately half way between the two biggest cities on the Island, Victoria and Nanaimo. The reason I wonder about this is because I have asked the question of many people - how many Canuck games do you attend per year? The answer is somewhere between zero and ten on average. Then I ask - How many games would you attend if there were a team on the Island? The number goes up significantly. I believe an Island team would sellout a 20,000 seat arena on most nights. Also, I don't think you need to worry about Canuck fans on the Island - to see the Canucks you need to take a ferry which is more a nuisance than a convenience when it comes to seeing a sports event. Conversely, the same could be said about drawing fans from the mainland. In short - if a person can avoid the ferry, they will. But, it is not all about bums in seats. Corporate sponsors are huge when it comes to having a team - just ask the Vancouver Grizzlies. I don't think there are enough LARGE corporate sponsors on Vancouver Island or Northern Ontario.
  10. When the Oakland Oaks of the Pacific Coast League folded they moved to Vancouver and became the Mounties. So I like it. As an aside - I think in real life the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have some sort of lock on the name Mounties. I do know that Canada Rugby League chose the name Mounties to represent the national rugby league team, but abandoned the name in favour of Wolverines. No reason was given for the change, but whispers were that the name wouldn't be acceptable if the group hoped to attain any funds from the government.
  11. I think many of the teams try to stick with a Northwoods feel when it comes to their nicknames, logos, etc. A dog going to the moon would not be in line with that thinking. Just my opinion. I enjoy following the Northwoods League, even listen to or watch some of the games from time-to-time.
  12. I've never been a fan of the Memorial Cup format. That is - the champions from each of the three leagues plus a host team. My problem is that quite often the host team doesn't deserve to be there. Here is my proposal - play the Memorial Cup in one or two of the Canadian NHL rinks, maybe Edmonton/Calgary, Montreal/Toronto, moving it around each year. And instead of having the three champions and a host, have six teams - each of the league's two finalists. The leagues still play their championship finals, and they will still mean something. The winner of each final will get four points to start the Memorial Cup, while the losing teams get zero points. All six teams will play a single round-robin (five games) with the top two teams playing a one game final for the Memorial Cup. Thoughts?
  13. I know what you're saying. I have been watching the NRL for years now. Rugby league is a better game than rugby union. Faster-paced, easier to understand - IMO just a better product. I urge all of you to check out rugby league on youtube, especially the National Rugby League from Australia/New Zealand. I prefer the NRL to the National Football League. All other codes of football are played at a snail's pace compared to rugby league. This testimonial is coming from a Canadian who enjoys just about every sport under the sun.
  14. If you are looking for team names - there used to be a team in the Vancouver Rugby Union called Scribes. They were so-named because they were sponsored by local newspaper writers in the Vancouver area. I like what you're doing here. It is similar to something I have in the early stages, but I'm not very talented when it comes to logos, and I really don't have the time to devote to learning photoshop, etc. Perhaps there could be another forum developed on this site for those of us more interested in the simulation than the logos. Not that I'm averse to logos, in fact I love them, I just don't see my self developing to the point were it would be worth putting my stuff on this forum. Sorry for the rant.
  15. I really like where you are going with all the concepts, and I appreciate the time and effort you have put into them. But, in my opinion, and I'm generalizing all 30 teams, they are all too busy. They remind me of European teams with some sort of logo or wording covering nearly every square inch of the uniform. As I said, I like where you are going, and I really like the St. Pats concept, but, too many shamrocks for my liking on the alternate. And the shamrocks are too big on the home and away. Smaller and less of them and I would buy all three jerseys if they were for sale.