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  1. It’s getting there. Maybe use the lighter green strictly as a stroke color for a different kind of consistency.
  2. Not that Sockeyes sounds much more “professional” but the name Kraken really reeks of minor league. At give us Leviathans or something that doesn’t sound like someone’s campy joke.
  3. I get that some classic logos lend themselves well to that “timeless” feel but the old falcons logo is a poor example of this. Its silhouette has a very uneven weight, the line tool was slapped on the wing for styling, and its monotone color is very uninspiring. The current iteration could use an update sure, but IMO it’s leaps and bounds the better sports logo of the 2.
  4. This 100% a UA issue. They like to give all their teams the condensed numbers treatment.
  5. I dig it. I just wish the white stroke around the A was the same weight as the stripes and that the fabrics matched.
  6. This “Icey Whites” stuff is so tired. Just call them what they are. Away uniforms.
  7. Nice work. I typically dislike notched numbers but the way you did them looks fitting for the Sharks.
  8. I’m having a really hard time getting over the yellow facemasks. Not the best decision.
  9. Missing a golden opportunity to use the Chicago star in their logo.
  10. Echoing off the last post, I’m thankful that for the most part we’re moving past the piping craze.
  11. WSU twitter handles are hinting at possible throwback mesh jerseys. Color me interested.
  12. The Cardinals can’t abandon this set soon enough. It’s just beating a dead horse at this point but the league’s oldest franchise shouldn’t look like an arena team.
  13. Midway

    Vicis Zero1

    I'm interested in this template.
  14. On one hand Nike gave us the current Vikings which are details away from being perfect. Then there’s the Browns, Dolphins, Seahawks, Bucs, Jags, and Titans and suddenly I’m not so optimistic that they’re going to get this one right.