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  1. Yeah, man! Best saler ever! English isn't his first language. No need to be a dick Thank you
  2. I just received my Lebron 9 P.S Elite Black & Yellow shoes from Basketball Mall Here its pics ; Best shoes shopping website I've ever seen. Really secure payment and nice saler. You can trust them.
  3. I'm looking for a jersey that has 30 inches lenght. What should I buy ? I'm thinking about youth jersey but I dont know their sizes.
  4. And also this one ? http://www.hisaleonline.com/ They have videos on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/powersellerunion1
  5. http://www.basketball-mall.net/ What you think about this shoes ?
  6. City Bold, vertically arched. Thank you so much
  7. Does anybody know that Suns font ?
  8. Jerseys looks good but prices aren't written or I can't see them
  9. From that website: I don't even... I think its not a big deal Real importang thing is quality of jerseys
  10. http://www.mvpstarjerseys.com/ Look at this site. I think NBA jerseys look pretty good.
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