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  1. Longtime 49er fan here. I wasn't thrilled when the C logo came out on Saturday, but after the entire re-brand was released yesterday, I love it. Old logo had 4 colors and was difficult and expensive to produce. Now we have a much simpler logo, one shade of green (Jets green) that can be easily reproduced. No more 49 Shades of Green with our gear!! I think the CLT logo will become a primary logo.
  2. I think they checked off a lot of boxes. People were upset that the team wasn't going to be named after Dale anymore, so they made him part of the logo. They incorporated the Boll Weevils colors and have a very similar uniform set to what they had. They also got the Cannon name in there for the history that it brings. I really like the road jersey and the alternate. I think having Cannon Ballers on two lines on the home jersey is a little too much. It would look much better with the CB logo on the chest, I think.
  3. They had several throwback games as the Boll weevils this past season including several Boll Weevils themed giveaways. It was great!!
  4. Kannapolis Intimidators will be revealing their new name tomorrow. They were named the Intimidators after former owner Dale Earnhardt. Moving to a new ballpark in 2020 gives them a reason for a rebrand. Their announcement for the reveal looks to have a circus theme. I was kind of hoping they would go back to the Piedmont BollWeevils. We'll find out tomorrow.
  5. This is nice...
  6. This is UNCW not UNC. Huge difference. Our athletics go by Charlotte instead of UNC Charlotte to avoid confusion like this. Back on topic, I like the rebrand for UNCW. It was long past due.
  7. They are wearing black pants with their black alternate unis?
  8. The Charlotte 49ers wore their first alternate uniforms in their 2 year history on Saturday.
  9. The Charlotte 49ers debuted their 1st alternate helmet in their brief 2 year history on Saturday. They wore these black helmets on the road and will more than likely wear this and all black unis at an upcoming home game. It was very hard to tell what the logo was from the stands, but at first glance it looked like the helmets were green. We have only worn white helmets with tiny green specs prior to this. Our normal helmets: