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  1. This is the kind of stuff where the big four pro sports organizations' marketing peeps need to get a clue and scour the web for quality designers and put them to work. I've truly seen some of best original concepts, rebrands and ideas on these boards than any clown working for Nike can produce. Amirite?
  2. When you said, "traditionalists be warned," I was like, "Okay, how fast can I click off of this thread." But then I looked at your Orioles concept and really love it. It's super fresh, technical, but still has a traditional, old school vibe. I love the big primary logo on the alternate as kind of a fun, week-long special event campaign during the heat of the summer. And there's something about that grey White Sox set that is just perfect. I think it's big black horizontal stripe that I love. Great!
  3. Your presentation and execution are perfect. Love the vintage look, the cherry blossoms and the whole thing. I'd love to see that big orange H as a 'Stros alternate cap, despite it never having any historical reference in Houston. Great job!
  4. I really like the approach with the Jags colors and striping. Keep it simple! I think I'm still hung up on the detail of their current logo, particularly the spots. I realize this isn't your issue but I much prefer their previous logo that's been drawn simpler with less detail, although with updated coloring. Nice work!
  5. The first design was great! The only change needed is making the tracks assume the curve of the roundel, as someone else mentioned. Adding white highlights or black outlines on the tracks is entirely too distracting and unnecessary. Don't make it complicated or gimmicky.
  6. You had me at "mind boggling" and the Moz avatar.
  7. Change all of that navy to brown and you'd have something. :-) Seriously, it's still a good looking uniform even with navy and gold.
  8. You're right about that for sure.
  9. I totally get the point of how the Padres current uniforms can be "fixed" with tweaks, etc. But I can't fathom how an organization ignores, what seems to me is, the elephant in the room and the most obvious strategic direction. I really think the problem lies in the ownership's inability to separate their personal color preferences vs. what might be best in the long-term interest of the brand and how to develop it. Call me nuts but if they go classic/retro/vintage with the swingin' friar and brown lids, every kid south of LA would be hitting their parents up for $35 and a trip to the mall for a new cap.
  10. The Padres will continue to be the identity disaster and branding doormat they are if they don't OWN the brown. It's simple brand strategy theory 101. Pick something unique, own it and have the balls to embrace it. Like forever. Successful corporate and sports identities are realized over a span of decades, not seasons. The Yankees have been wearing navy pinstripes with the interlocking "NY" on the left chest since like, oh, 1912. (That's 104 years, Mr. Fowler.) It's why, regardless of how dismal they are on the field, the identity and brand will outlive all of us. The Yankees uniforms, the home whites especially, are sacred and untouchable. Historically, the 4-5 owners of the Padres organization have eschewed brand strategy and succumbed to personal whim or jersey sales. The proof is their 6-7 color schemes since 1969! The brown color of the Spanish Franciscan friar's habit is the perfect start for the Padres to re-invent themselves and return to their roots. How many teams in MLB wear blue as their primary/secondary? Two out of every three teams. Who wears brown? Zero. Only one team in the big four professional sports leagues wears brown. There's a ton of gorgeous brown-based uniform concepts that can be found online. Just pick one, Mr. Fowler.
  11. Looks awesome! At first, I didn't think you did anything to the original because it looked the same...until I googled the actual logo and saw it.
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