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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong (by that I mean if the author of the Behance project is the artist from iStockphoto) but isn't this a little fishy? Image from iStockphoto (
  2. I do see the doggish features so don't take it the wrong way when I reminds me of a bat.
  3. Every one of those image links are broken.
  4. Yeah I agree they look great, but the pants did need the same stripes to keep it consistent IMO.
  5. Ditto on the two previous posts. 1. Make the Skunk Duck one solid figure. 2. Remove the drop shadow. It'd look better printed as a solid shape.
  6. Blue pants would be a good thing for the Rams to have too.
  7. All labels are made from original hand painted originals. Big Sky Brewing Company, Missoula Montana.
  8. Finished this project today. Will be in contact with the school soon. Wordmark: Secondary/Helmet Logo: Optional Roundel:
  9. Looks good except for those dreadful pants. Continue that stripe from the shoulders down the sides of the pants and it's winner winner.
  10. Thanks I appreciate it.
  11. Montana unveiled their unis for this upcoming season. Only gripe I have is the white helmet with the throwbacks. Should be yellow like it used to be. YouTube video: Full story: