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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong (by that I mean if the author of the Behance project is the artist from iStockphoto) but isn't this a little fishy? https://www.behance.net/gallery/25370573/BE4RE-Club Image from iStockphoto (http://www.istockphoto.com/vector/wolverine-gm165640734-8815681?st=8a8729c)
  2. Yeah I agree they look great, but the pants did need the same stripes to keep it consistent IMO.
  3. All labels are made from original hand painted originals. Big Sky Brewing Company, Missoula Montana.
  4. I have to ask and I feel a little silly doing it but...How do you get the gray shadowing on the font like that in Illustrator? I always end up having to do it in Photoshop and it always loses quality that way.
  5. I'm also trying to find this as well in svg. If anyone knows where to find it it would be great if they could let me know. I'm the 3rd asking if this template is floating around. Is it?
  6. Anyone have this helmet template? * Nevermind I ended up just redrawing it in Illustrator.
  7. The biggest one I know is Outsource.com but if memory serves me right you have to pay for that. Otherwise try photoshopgurus.com
  8. This could get interesting...
  9. Someone should enlighten him about the law not discriminating by age.
  10. The "D" in the top left doesn't really match up with the team name and font used on the logo. Everything else looks great. Go here and rethink your assessment. http://www.delgadoathletics.com/
  11. Just throwing up a hail mary but the worst you can say is no so...
  12. Gotcha, didn't see the other referenced image. The guy seems to be a tool so I'm glad you caught it.
  13. This is his only other project on behance.
  14. Those weren't the only adjusments. As previously mentioned, he tried changing the mouth and whiskers as well. Must have thought that constituted enough change to pass as his own. Failing miserably in the process.
  15. As far as I can tell, all they did was remove the star? I wish logo thieves would be a little more creative at least... And a terrible recoloring.
  16. Nice Helena Brewers and Billings Mustangs! Any chance of doing my Missoula Bombers concept?
  17. Force is pretty much out. The USHL hockey team in Fargo is the Force so there's that.
  18. Montana's is too busy. While they incorporate black in football, it's really the only sport they do. Their first year softball program used it a little but no one else really does. So for them something like the interlocking UM logo with the bear over it at center court. Big Sky logo near coach's box and the paw in the dotted key circle.
  19. Good Lord, I was completely unaware that K-State has that awful "interlocking" KS. That thing should be cremated.
  20. I think I found it, thanks.
  21. Without having to sift through 34 pages of this thread, can anyone just tell me if O'Brien's (sp?) baseball template is in here?
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