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  1. Been a while since I posted something in here, but the talks about new uniforms for the Pats inspired me. I threw this together this afternoon, and I hope the team goes in this direction. I think this shifts away from some of the dated aspects of the current uniforms and back toward the classic elements seen in the pre-90's and color rush uniforms while keeping the core components of the one of the biggest brands in football.
  2. I'm going to go against the grain here, but I actually love the font the Chargers use. It works really well for them. That concept @alecgoff posted is perfect to me. From all the images in their teasers, I'm wondering if yellow pants are going to be in the mix here. I'm not a fan of the white/powder/yellow combination, but I think it could make a comeback.
  3. The new ram head is nice, but everything else is blah. Why gradients?
  4. I'm very curious about these changes to the Pats uniforms given that there has been no indication whatsoever from the organization of any changes coming. I really don't have the slightest clue what direction they'll go in with this.
  5. I like the general style, but I'm just not a fan of centered scorebugs. I'd much prefer it to be offset to one side or stretched across the entire bottom or top. I did like the graphics that came out of the sides with stats for each team, though. I also wasn't a fan of using the team fonts for graphics, just because the 49ers' one does not at all fit the style of the rest of that graphic. It just felt like someone made a mistake somewhere. I do like the touchdown graphic that covered the bottom third, I thought it looked really nice aside from the illustration and definitely made the game feel special.
  6. Don't know if it's unpopular or if it's been talked about here, but the discussion over in the NFL week-by-week thread had me thinking. Super Bowl XLV is one of my least favorite Super Bowls aesthetically. Between the sheer amount of yellow on the field, the terrible Super Bowl patch that looks like it was printed on copier paper and glued on the jersey, the ugly field turf, and the even uglier job that was done painting it, nothing about that game is enjoyable for me to look at. I don't like the lighting in that stadium at night. I'm not a fan of the old Reebok jerseys. The Packers' green always seems to blend into the field turf for me, leaving the game as a mass of disconnected yellow objects. I think it's one of the most overrated Super Bowls in terms of appearance.
  7. There's a lot that can be criticized about the standardized Super Bowl logos, but the one thing they've absolutely nailed is the jersey patch application. Since Super Bowl XLVII, the patches have looked awesome. They're just shiny enough to stand out on the jersey and really give it that big game feel.
  8. Not a huge fan of it, but I bet it'll look really good in animated TV packages.
  9. Maybe it's just me, but I have no problem with the font the Bengals use. The biggest problem with that set is the presence of side panels. The striping is weird, but I like having it on the sleeve cap.
  10. I've always felt this way. It used to be worse, too. Doesn't look like that in person, though.
  11. I'm going to be so upset if the Saints make the Super Bowl and wear that combination.
  12. It looks like they centered the "wins" part of the wordmark and then added the T on the side.