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  1. I really don't mind this uniform. I actually think the Chargers look better in monochrome with their current uniforms.
  2. I really hope they don't put that logo at midfield for the Super Bowl...
  3. If there's one good thing that can be said about the standardized logos, it's how good they look on the jerseys. The patches they've used are very high quality, and they are always shiny. I think this magnifies the "big game" feel, and it makes them stand out. As a patch, which looks better? This: Or this: I think LII is clearly superior.
  4. If CBS does unveil a new graphics package for the Super Bowl, I expect to see something "shinier". For some years now, we've seen sports graphics become simpler and flatter. Compare FOX graphics from 15 years ago to this season and you'll see a monumental difference. However, NBC bucked the trend last year with their new package featuring gradients and shadowing galore. I believe that this will be the first in a trend back in the direction of fancier scorebugs. If CBS does make this change, then I think we will be seeing changes in that direction all throughout the world of sports.
  5. Thank you! Just a hobby, although I'd like to turn it into a job someday if it works out.
  6. I hate the alignment of the logos and wordmarks in the endzone. It leaves so much empty space on the sides. There's clearly room for a conference logo for both teams, so why isn't there one?
  7. Reviving this to promote the Super Bowl LIII Trailer I made with my friend at school.
  8. Has anybody seen pictures of the field? I'm curious to see if the design will be any different this year.
  9. Yes, it bothers me. There should be two stripes on the helmet.
  10. Seahawks breaking out the gray pants in Dallas. When was the last time they wore navy over gray?
  11. The Kings are unique in that they have two, possibly even three, distinct color schemes that have a long history and would make for fantastic branding. Whether you want them to wear purple and gold, black and silver, or purple and black is simply a matter of personal opinion because all three have very valid arguments for being the "true" color scheme of the Kings.
  12. LSU-UCF is a pretty good looking game. LSU's uniforms are classic, and they contrast well with UCF. That stadium provides a fantastic aesthetic in addition, IMO.
  13. I don't think the Colts' uniforms need to be touched, except for one thing. Why is there a single stripe on the helmet, but there are double stripes everywhere else on the uniform? That's always bothered me. The helmet should match everything else.