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  1. Everybody knows Michelangelo was a strict grey facemask guy.
  2. @canzman Will you be making the new template public? I like it a lot! Well done!
  3. Here's LB Matt Judon in 9 for the Pats from photos they released today: LB Ju'Whuan Bentley in 8: S Jalen Mills in 2:
  4. Matt Judon will be wearing 9 for the Patriots.
  5. Jalen Mills will wear 2 in New England.
  6. Are they not painting the playoffs logo inside the blue line this year? It seems to be added by the broadcast in every game I've seen.
  7. What's the point of having a primary jersey if you're not going to wear it in the playoffs?
  8. I can't say these are better than the current uniforms, but I can't say they're worse, either. A lateral move from one excellent set to another. I wonder if the success of the RR jerseys has something to do with this, since they're based on the same template.
  9. I've been a Pats fan for my whole life and I just learned there's a Pats player that shared my last name. I need a Len St. Jean jersey.
  10. I read that as them thinking about adding red pants to wear on the road, not creating a 1980's throwback set entirely.
  11. Not sure if we should put stock in this, but I figured it was worth sharing.
  12. At least it's a nice design? This would be great for a new team in Boston or something, but not for the Red Sox. And as a fan, I've become attached to the Patriots Day uniforms they've worn since the marathon bombing. Sad to see those go for a cash grab.
  13. I can't believe I've been on this forum for a decade and we're still having the grey facemask debate. It's what really makes this place feel like home.
  14. I like Ottawa's red jerseys, but the numbers are completely unreadable.
  15. The NCAA courts look really good this year, as always. They've really nailed the March Madness branding.
  16. The font Denver uses is great. Whatever they do, they should keep that.
  17. Can you name a rule that's changed? Teams are wearing more combos now largely because they have more pants and socks. That didn't happen because of a rule change.
  18. Yeah, the one helmet rule isn't something archaic. It's very modern. We already know what the league looks like without it. There's throwbacks with accurate helmets, and no crazy extra uniforms. If they repeal that rule, there's no reason to believe every team is going to have 5 helmets.
  19. On the All-22 footage, it's almost impossible to identify some Patriots players due to their lack of shoulder numbers. Would be interested to see if any Rams or Chargers fans have had the same issues. It's frustrating.
  20. Washington's Reverse Retros can be added to the long list of alternates they've worn since the current uniforms were unveiled that are superior to the regular look. They really need to ditch their primary uniforms because there's so much wasted potential right now.
  21. The contrast here is way better than expected. What a beautiful game.
  22. They seem to be afraid of wearing yellow. Since 06, they've had the yellow Winter Classic jersey which got worn a handful of times and this year's reverse retro. In that span, they've had 3 different black alternates, one of which was a WC jersey that got upgraded to alternate status. The gold WC jersey never got that even though it was loved by fans. I've always wanted them to bring back this gold jersey from the 40's as an alternate.
  23. Bruins-Flyers tomorrow is going to be orange vs yellow with both teams in black helmets and pants. This is going to be interesting.
  24. I know we're seeing Boston's reverse retro for the first time this weekend. Is that the last one to debut, or are their others that have yet to make an appearance?
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