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  1. I actually kinda liked those pants stripes for Jacksonville. Nontraditional, but I thought they worked well. Certainly a step up over the de facto plain pants they have now.
  2. Can we just like take the average of the last Jags' set and the current one and call it a day? One is too complicated, the other too simple. Find the middle ground, please.
  3. I like that iridescent finish for Oregon. I'd love to see that with other colored uniforms, too.
  4. White striped socks will always look good with a white jersey if the stripes match.
  5. A lot of Pats players are wearing white socks this year and it makes the road uniform look a ton better.
  6. Games like these are where the brown pants look really good for Cleveland. Not their best uniform, but one absolutely deserving of being in the rotation.
  7. I mostly agree with your list, but a couple notes. First, I would have had Bears at Raiders where Giants at Cowboys was on your list. It's such a classic look, and a rare matchup at that. Secondly, I would like to suggest an additional category for the honorable mentions. This one would be Most Interesting Uniform of the Week. I suggest this because I think Colts at Ravens on Monday Night Football was a nontraditional matchup that, while imperfect, made for a visually compelling game. Looking forward to these lists being back every week!
  8. Chiefs would look so much better if the stripes on the sleeve, pants, and socks matched.
  9. Are we still doing the best and worst uniforms of the week threads? I haven't seen them recently but I always liked them.
  10. Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln? At least the Falcons gradient uniforms look better than the Jags gradient helmets.
  11. Browns-Chargers and Bears-Raiders both look fantastic. Packers-Bengals in the early slot was really nice as well.
  12. If they're still fining people for socks, that's news to me. Here's Kyle Van Noy wearing New England's signature blue socks with red bottoms, for instance.
  13. The ESPN graphics for this game have the Chargers with a blue facemask for some reason.
  14. Panthers in Carolina blue over black with black socks. Would look much better with blue socks.
  15. Should be blue over maize at home, white over maize or white on the road. You can split 50/50 between the two pants with the white jerseys. Those 3 combos are all they need.
  16. Bengals look good on TV. The pants look much better on the broadcast than in the stills.
  17. That Eagles helmet actually looks pretty good. A midnight green and silver identity could look pretty good on them.
  18. I'd love to see the Eagles add a pair of midnight green socks to their uniform. I'm at least curious about how that would look.
  19. The Bengals have not worn that look with black socks yet, so they photoshopped it to look like that. Makes me think they will be wearing them.
  20. Big day for the Bengals, Texans, and Saints. Great uniform choices for all 3. Also, Matt Stafford wearing a white sleeve with the bone uniform looks so bad.
  21. That would look fantastic. The Colts wearing blue outdoors is always a bit more vibrant than in the dome.
  22. That looks really nice for ASU. Excited to see it in action.
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