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  1. 7 hours ago, MJD7 said:


    Alright, the Chargers might have outdone themselves just a week later in the “matchup of the year” race. These are two of the best uniforms in the NFL in my opinion, and the powder blue of the Chargers plays off of the orange and brown of Cleveland wonderfully. Although I like the yellow pants for the Chargers, they picked a good week not to wear them, as the yellow would probably clash with the Browns’ orange.


    (As a side note, I really like the brown pants as an option on the road for Cleveland. The orange and white pants are great too, but I really like how the brown pants perfectly match the sleeve and sock stripes.)

    Games like these are where the brown pants look really good for Cleveland. Not their best uniform, but one absolutely deserving of being in the rotation. 

  2. I mostly agree with your list, but a couple notes. 


    First, I would have had Bears at Raiders where Giants at Cowboys was on your list. It's such a classic look, and a rare matchup at that.

    Raiders lose second straight; fall to Bears 20-9 | KLAS


    Secondly, I would like to suggest an additional category for the honorable mentions. This one would be Most Interesting Uniform of the Week. I suggest this because I think Colts at Ravens on Monday Night Football was a nontraditional matchup that, while imperfect, made for a visually compelling game. 

    Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens | Week 5 | Crunching Numbers -  Sports Illustrated Indianapolis Colts News, Analysis and More


    Looking forward to these lists being back every week! 

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