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  1. It seems like every brand is going single color and sans serif fonts for their brandings these days. It's too safe and even boring at a certain point. I like the look, but I think we're getting close to the point where design shifts back the other way. You can't stand out in the marketplace by doing the same thing everyone else does. At some point, some company will bring back a gradient or complex color scheme or different font and things will trend in that direction. 

  2. (9/32) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers


    Not a lot of changes here! Tampa just about nailed it with the rebrand. I changed the socks to red for the home and road uniforms, and made them black for the all-pewter alternate. The sleeve logo on the white jersey has been changed to the red version. I also added some black to the pewter alternates. That's about it. The new uniforms look amazing on the field.


    Trying out a new format here. Let me know what you think!



  3. I like the matte fabrics Nike uses for the most part. They give teams very consistent and rich colors. I hated the green the Eagles use until the new fabrics really breathed some new life into it and made it brighter. Likewise, I like how how the pewter pants look for Tampa. I wasn't a fan of the sheen fabrics. Even the new pewter jersey looks good.


    Also, Tampa should use red socks.


  4. 11 hours ago, Chawls said:

    • for the Jaguars, I’d like to see how a teal jersey/black pants/black socks combo would look. 

    • Also, if you haven’t already chosen your next team, can you please fix my Saints? We need the help. 

    I'll try that combo for Jacksonville!


    I've actually started and stopped on the Saints a couple times. I have an idea in my head, but I haven't found the way I want it to work yet. 

  5. (8/32) - Arizona Cardinals


    Let's take a trip to the desert! Arizona's current uniforms were bad when they were unveiled, and age has done them no favors. From a helmet that doesn't fit with the set to the piping on the jersey and pants and the shoulder yoke on the white jersey, this set is a train wreck. 


    Then, I saw the way Kyler Murray was wearing his uniform and got an idea.


    After 'going through the fire,' Arizona Cardinals take flight with Kyler  Murray in Year 2


    Ignoring the details of the uniforms, this color combination works well. While non-traditional, white-red-red-white is distinctive and creates a strong brand for the Cardinals. 


    With that as my starting point, I got to work. I eliminated black from the color scheme, replacing it instead with a darker red. Grey is added to the palette as well. The sleeves feature the pattern from the Arizona flag as a sublimated pattern. In it's entirety, this concept breaks from tradition without straying too far. These Cardinals are instantly recognizable, but with a unique palette and design.








    Home Alt 1



    Home Alt 2


  6. @Magic Dynasty Those are actually all little things I'd been tweaking before posting because I couldn't figure out which way to go. I like the idea of a red-navy-red stripe on the silver pants but navy created a better contrast so I went in that direction. I'm definitely willing to make that change, but I didn't like it as much as I expected. When it comes to adding the smaller stripe on the pants, should I go grey, which would match the pants, or white? I agree on the collar, I can change that. Thanks for the comments!


    @Roshango I like those! I'm just always partial to keeping the grey since the Bills use red, white, and blue in the same division. It's also been part of their identity for 27 years now, so I'd say it's a key part of their brand now and a big way they differentiate themselves from the other red and blue teams. 

  7. I appreciate the feedback!


    (7/32) New England Patriots


    While the uniforms New England wore for the last two decades were far from perfect, they created a brand that was strong and distinctive despite using a common color palette. The new set builds off that brand (logo, helmet, colors) while bringing back elements from the past (shoulder stripes, block font). However, the lack of grey pants and white socks are the two obvious missing elements in a rebranding that came close but missed the mark by a little. Although I like the monochrome navy uniform, navy over grey and white over navy have been the distinctive looks for the Patriots since 2000 and are synonymous with the success of the franchise. The team's history of wearing silver-blue-silver at home dates back to 1993. With my tweaks, New England returns to these looks as the primary home and road uniforms while making small tweaks to create consistency and cohesiveness throughout the design. 


    Here's what I changed:

    - Grey trim returns to the collar of both uniforms.

    - The logo on the sleeve has been replaced by TV numbers.

    - A small grey stripe is added on the shoulder between the middle and outside stripes. 

    - Grey pants are added.

    - White socks are added.


    These changes create a better color balance between red and grey throughout the uniforms and ensure that the silver helmet does not stand out from the rest of the set. The TV numbers also replace a redundant logo and serve a function for fans and broadcasters. The grey stroke in the stripe mirrors the grey inner stroke on the numbers on both jerseys. 








    Home Alt



    Road Alt



    As always, I encourage any critiques and I love feedback!

  8. Just catching this thread, so I'll give my input on every team so far.


    Avs: These are awesome. Would consider burgundy pants for home and road, but that's it. 

    Blackhawks: Again, awesome. I prefer a little more red on the road, but that's my only complaint. 

    Jackets: Love these! That number font is gorgeous! 

    Blues: Perfect! 

    Bruins: I would go back to yellow/black/yellow for the road stripes, otherwise it gets a bit too dark. And switching up the sock stripes to match the jersey stripes would look better. Loving these overall, though!

    Canadiens: Amazing!

    Canucks: Perfect!


    Great series, will be following! Love the ideas and presentation! All my critiques are small things, your design style is fantastic. Keep it up! 

  9. From what I've heard, the jersey can be tight around the bottom so the undershirt works as a barrier to make the players more comfortable. Does it look a little sloppy? Generally, yes. Is it a big deal? Not in most cases. If it makes the player a bit more comfortable, doesn't extend too far, and is the same color as the jersey or pants, I just don't care. 

  10. I'm thinking after I post every team I'll go back through and make corrections. Loving the comments from everyone!


    (6/32) New York Giants


    I don't have a lot to say about these, they're a pretty classic Giants concept. I'm sure I'm not the only one to post something like these. I kept the blue at home and red on the road while creating a little more connection between the two uniforms and schemes.  








    Home Alt



    Road Alt