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  1. When Kearse made that catch, I was so disappointed. My first thought was "Tyree, Manningham, now f---ing this?!?!"
  2. OH MY GOD what an ending! I'm so happy right now!
  3. They just had the Pro Bowl there, so I doubt we see the field until later in the week.
  4. If these allegations turn out to be true and the Pats did this on purpose to gain a competitive edge, then I am extremely disappointed in the team. It was completely unnecessary. I saw some calculations earlier on the temperature change needed to deflate balls from 12.5 to 10.5 psi naturally, assuming that they were at 12.5 psi in a 72 degree room, and it looks like the temperature would need to have been below zero. We can most likely rule out natural causes for this one. However, there are a couple things that aren't adding up for me. There are two possible ways that the balls could have been deflated on purpose; they were either deflated before the game, or during the game. If they were deflated before gametime, how did the refs not notice when checking them? If it happened during the game, then there must be video evidence because of the sheer number of cameras in the stadium. Also, I saw a report that the balls were discovered and measured during halftime, and were presumably replaced with properly pressurized balls. This is surprising because the Patriots were a lot better in the second half, and Brady's lone interception was in the first half. Lastly, it is extremely frustrating to see the double-standard of scandals involving the Patriots. Both the Panthers and Packers admitted doing similar things earlier in the season, but no one batted an eye until the Patriots did it. While they may have earned the higher scrutiny through Spygate, it doesn't make it any less frustrating to watch.
  5. Here is a crazy fact. Of the four teams left, it has been the longest time since the Patriots have won the Super Bowl. Indy, Green Bay, and Seattle have all won more recently.
  6. Personally, I think that we will get a Green Bay vs New England Super Bowl. The NFC Championship is an interesting matchup. On paper, Seattle should win this game. However, I think that Carolina showed that they are vulnerable at corner past Sherman and Maxwell. If Green Bay's third and fourth options play well, I think they can score enough to win. If Rodgers plays well, I think he can take over the game and the Packers will win. The AFC Championship is a less interesting matchup on paper, and a game that should go to New England if they play their game. I think it will come down to the end, but the Patriots are stronger across the board. That coupled with New England playing poorly against Baltimore has me thinking that Belichick will have the team ready to go from the start. My prediction is that the game stays close until late, when New England blows the doors open.
  7. This one is really out there but... I think the Buccaneers have the best uniforms in their division.
  8. If we assume that Peyton goes to San Diego and is successful there, then this impacts the careers of Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, and Eli Manning.
  9. And the Miami-Minnesota game ends in a... safety.
  10. FYI your turf color for the Pats should probably be a bit darker. Looks great though!
  11. I'd never noticed before, but now it bothers me that there is no yellow on the Chiefs field.
  12. Great job, these look phenomenal! Could you do Gillette Stadium soon?
  13. There are reports that the Bucs are shopping around both Vjax and Doug Martin.
  14. I really like the new Bucs uniforms. When they were first unveiled, I thought they were hideous, but now that they've seen game action I think they look good. The font isn't perfect, but I think it is passable with the look they have.
  15. I think the reason for this is because hockey jerseys are the largest, so there is more room to do interesting stripes and patterns on them.
  16. I think the Blackhawks road jersey is overrated. It's still a lot better than most teams, but where is the color balance? Their red jerseys are some of the most vibrant in sports, but the roads are mostly black and very drab looking. Switch the black and red and it would be a winner.
  17. Patriots vs Ravens 2004 That was a good game, at least for Pats fans.
  18. I agree. It would be a 10 if it weren't for the black facemask. I just don't get that. I felt the same about the Gophers football design. The black just doesn't make sense in a uniform otherwise devoid of the color. The black actually does make sense. A purple mask would look weird because of the matte helmet. The black mask makes the black trim on the horns look better.
  19. I think the Rams look best with either all-blue or all-white. The white-over-gold look just looks too pale to me, and the blue-over-gold isn't bad but isn't as good as the monochrome blue.
  20. The Broncos' uniform design is a modern classic. It is clearly modern, yet isn't over the top like Seattle. I also think Broncos' and Titans' style helmet stripes look good and make for a nice break from traditional straight stripes. EDIT: I would also consider Bengals' jerseys sans contrasting side-panels and with orange as the primary color to be modern classics.
  21. I think that these are terrible uniforms:
  22. I think the Seahawks have a very good font, especially with their current uniform.
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