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  1. I didn't even notice until now that that version has TV numbers at home but not on the road. The Rams have them on one jersey but not the other, too. Why? Apart from a different jersey design, I can't think of a reason for that to be the case.
  2. The Patriots did that in 14/15. They updated the wordmark, but didn't change the endzone or the mark on the chest of the jersey until the next season.
  3. I liked the Denver-Tampa game. Not the biggest fan of either uniform, but they both look good in the bright sunlight and contrast well. They did a good job of matching the pewter fabric to the helmet and they made monochrome look good for Tampa. That's color vs color done well, which I think we're all in support of having more often.
  4. So the general sentiment is teal over white at home and white over teal on the road with black over teal and teal over teal as the alternates? @builtbymachines I considered that for sure. I could be open to switching those two for LA if that's how others feel, too. Philly is ready so I can post them next!
  5. I'd love to get some more feedback on the Chargers and Cowboys, and I'll add Jacksonville now! (5/32) - Jacksonville Jaguars I was inspired by the game the other night and how good Jacksonville looked in all teal. It's certainly not something I expected I'd like, so I decided to try to build around it. I wanted to emphasize teal while heavily featuring black and bringing back gold as a tertiary color. This uniform works as a mix of the first and most recent eras of Jacksonville football. I have teal over teal, white over teal, and black over teal as my top 3 combinations. I'll post white over white and teal over white and let you guys decide which one should take the fourth spot in their rotation. I also included a rough mockup of how the uniform would look in play. Home Road Alt Alt 2a Alt 2b Here's roughly how these would look in action:
  6. (4/32) - Dallas Cowboys Time to clean up the Cowboys! Despite having one of the strongest brands in sports, they also have one of the sloppiest. Two different shades of blue, two shades of silver, and black used in some places make it hard to tell what exactly the brand for Dallas is outside of the double-outlined star. We're going back to basics. One shade of blue, a darker royal, and the unique silver-blue used in Dallas for many years make for a color scheme that just works. The Cowboys stay white at home, as is tradition. Add in a blue jersey to make the occasional appearance and an alternate white jersey paired with either silver or white pants and you have a consistent brand. The throwback numbers return for all three jerseys, and they're double-outlined on two of them to match the star. I'm not generally a fan of double outlines, but they work for Dallas. Home Road Alternate 1 Alternate 2
  7. Stripes on the jerseys and socks would help a bunch. So would just plain aqua socks. It's not bad, but it's too plain.
  8. I'm going to be honest, I've been so confused by the ATL discussion. I've heard that abbreviation pretty commonly, especially in music, and I'm not from anywhere near there. I didn't realize this was something that was even up for debate. I don't know if it belongs on a football jersey, but it's absolutely a valid nickname for the city. As for the new uniforms, they're just not good at all. The Falcons have great colors and so many different ways they can look good, and yet we're on year 18 now of them messing it up. I don't care if red or black is the primary color, I don't care if they use silver or not, they can look good regardless of the answers to those questions and yet they refuse to. It's infuriating.
  9. When it comes to their possible combos, I'd break it down like this: Brown over Orange - 4 home games Brown over White - 4 home games White over Orange - 2 road games White over White - 3 road games White over Brown - 3 road games Start there, then make small adjustments based on the schedule and what looks best in contrast with the opponent. The goal should be the wear the white and orange pants an equal number of times at home and to have white be the primary road option, then brown, then orange.
  10. @DouglasQuaid Thanks! That's definitely something I'll consider. I don't want the bolt to get washed out on TV, so I'll see how the current design looks over the next few weeks and go from there. @HoopsCoach55 It's funny you say that! I actually had that as the stripe and changed it to just blue at the last second. My rationale was that a single stripe matches better with the single colored horns on the sleeves and helmet, and that there was enough yellow through the uniform that it wasn't needed on the pants. I can bring the blue/yellow/blue stripe back if that's the consensus!
  11. @JOEYxFRESCO Yes, please! We know they designed them for sure. The organization isn't too big on surprises, however, so I'll reserve my hope for now.
  12. The AFC South is such a dark division when it really doesn't have to be. Tennessee should wear light blue instead of dark blue and Jacksonville should wear teal instead of black. I'd be a proponent of the Texans switching to red over navy as well. The division plays in the south, often in bright sun and in the heat. Why would you voluntarily pick darker colors? It makes no sense to me.
  13. I'm fine with the longer socks and no mandatory white bottoms. Just be consistent. This is ridiculous. Everyone here for the 49ers except 17 and 19 are fine by me from a design perspective, but they should pick one or at least have a much narrower range.
  14. I've been on this forum for the better part of a decade, I do care a lot about them. I would absolutely prefer if they're worn as designed, and consistency is key. I'm just not bothered enough by the alterations we see from player to player in the NFL to think we need to make changes or anything. I'd prefer if the rules on sock wearing were enforced a little more and that there was more consistency there as a whole, especially with players who show the bare minimum of the uniform sock or none at all. But I don't really care about cleats or undershirts as long as they're somewhat reasonable and within team colors. There's 53 players on each team, I don't expect the uniform to look exactly the same on each one. This isn't the military, it's sports, and there's room for a little bit of individuality. I have no issue with a team enforcing the current rules more or creating additional rules to create more uniformity between players, but I also don't think those are a necessity. I'll 100% agree with on socks, every player should have the same color socks. This is an even bigger issue when the socks have stripes because they should be consistent from player to player. I would like to see more standardization there, but I also wouldn't all the status quo "amateurish."
  15. Those are absolutely fantastic! As long as the pants are all striped and contrasting socks are worn, the Browns are one of the few teams that can get away with using a number of different combinations. Brown over white and over orange look amazing, and white looks great with white, brown, or orange underneath! Without the silly all-brown Color Rush uniform, I think this is the best the Browns have ever looked.
  16. I don't really have an issue with it, these guys are individuals and if they want to adjust the uniform a little to fit their style or be more comfortable I'm ok with that. Uniforms exist to distinguish the teams, identify the players, and establish a team brand. As long as the first two are met and the team is ok with their alterations I don't care that much. As long as things like undershirts and cleats are within team colors and the uniforms are reasonably consistent between team members then I'm alright.
  17. Los Angeles, part II! (3/32) - Los Angeles Chargers The new uniforms for the Chargers just about nailed things in my opinion. I made a few tweaks and condensed the number of sets to 4. These changes are based on what I've seen from just the one game they've played in them so far, so I may come back to this and make more changes later with time. My first fault is that the new jerseys feel a little too bland. The yellow bolt is hard to see on TV, making the front and back numbers the only design element visible. I fixed this by shifting the bolts up a little on the shoulder to put TV numbers on the sleeves and by adding the team name or nickname above the front numbers on the chest. These two additions should add a little more life to the powder blue and white jerseys. I also made the bolt more visible on the lighter jerseys and pants by placing it on a blue stripe, and the white outline has been removed when used against a darker background. Finally, the modern font stays for the most part. I couldn't find the current font they're using, but I found a similar one and chose to use the nonitalicized version of it. I opted for two home and two road uniforms. At home, the Chargers can wear either powder or navy over white. On the road, it's white over white or yellow. Home Road Road Alternate Home Alternate
  18. @bcon_731 I like royal a lot more for the Bills. They've worn some variation of royal for almost their entire history. A darker blue would make them very similar to New England, which is too close for my liking with them playing in the same division. I like the red jerseys, but I'm sticking with four total combs and I like the white helmet home and road more than the red jersey. White/red/white/red would be the fifth combo. @Karnage84 Yellow as the primary color has worked really well in Nashville, so I think it can work in pro sports. If there's a city out there that is looking for something new over something traditional, then LA is the place to do it. Plus, with another blue and yellow team playing in the same stadium, I thought it was a good way to differentiate. I do think they'd go white at home a little more often than usual, and I think that's ok. I'm imagining 4 games of yellow, 2 of blue, and 2 of white at home. With a light primary jersey, they would also wear yellow on the road at least once per season and likely more than that. They could conceivably wear yellow on the road for every division game and have enough clash to stand out. Since we're talking about LA, I think I'll post the Chargers next barring any objections.
  19. (2/32) - Los Angeles Rams Nothing says California like bright sunshine! The Rams embrace the Golden State in style, promoting yellow to the primary color. The design remains traditional, but the new golden home jersey and number font bring some life to this new brand. The alternates are throwback inspired, with blue over yellow at home and all white on the road. Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate Chargers or Falcons next!
  20. The all blue looks good because it's done well, and the stripe on the pants breaks up the bottom enough to make it work. However, they should also have grey pants to have a second option, and they should have a pair of white striped socks to wear on the road to stop that uniform from being so bottom-heavy. And they should have a number on the sleeve instead of the logo, but that's a smaller issue.
  21. Either way, it's on the equipment staff. Either they sewed on last year's numbers by accident in some cases, or they didn't quality check the ones coming in. The numbers on the white jerseys are entirely new, so there shouldn't be an issue there. We'll see if they fix this on the navy by week 3, their next home game.
  22. I'm a big fan of the brown facemasks. IMO that's by far the best option for them. The brighter orange really looks nice, too. I'm excited to see both road combos. Halleluiah to white striped socks!