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  1. These are all really cool! Well done!
  2. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I really posted concepts here, but I've been making more concepts recently as stress relief from the world. It's been about 5 years since I posted NFL stuff here so I'd like to think my skills are a bit better this time around! I finally have enough to share some, so here we go. Some of my rules here: - 4 uniforms for each team. No more, no less. It's arbitrary, but the first couple teams I made had 4 and I'm going with it. No mixing and matching, there will be exactly 4 uniform sets for each team. - No restrictions on number of helmets/jerseys/pants/socks. With only 4 total uniforms, this gives me a little flexibility. - No yoga pants. With the exception of some monochrome looks, pants and socks won't match. White jerseys over dark pants will almost always be paired with striped white socks. Some teams will be vastly different, most will be somewhat similar to what we see now. I'm doing this in my spare time so I'll be working at my own pace. I'm not going to be making new logos or creating custom fonts or anything like that, and I'm really just doing this for fun. C+C is more than welcome, however! Teams Buffalo Bills Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Chargers Dallas Cowboys Jacksonville Jaguars New York Giants New England Patriots Arizona Cardinals Tampa Bay Buccaneers With that said, let's go to my first team! (1/32) - Buffalo Bills My design works as a combination of their current uniforms and the sets from the 90's. I've always loved the red helmet for Buffalo, an the white helmet works well, too. So why not use both? I've found Buffalo's royal blue and red tend to bleed together at times, so I made sure they don't touch in my design with the exception of the collar on the white jersey. The red helmet is 90's inspired, while the white one takes from today's and removes the navy blue. The sleeve stripes also take from today's uniforms without the navy blue and with alterations to separate red from blue. The numbers are single color, which I think works very well. I've included two combinations with a red helmet and socks to be worn as the primary sets, and two with a white helmet and blue socks as alternates. Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate I've got the Chargers and Rams ready to go. First person to respond picks which one of those I post next!
  3. Can you tell me what font the Patriots use now and where you found it?
  4. So I found something interesting regarding Patriots players wearing the wrong font. Here's that same player, Joejuan Williams, for his photoshoot with the new uniforms. The pants are new this season, and there's no NFL100 on the collar. But that's still the wrong font! This means they didn't get him the wrong jersey for the game, they actually put the wrong numbers on this year's jersey for some players! And here he is from the front yesterday, confirming no NFL100 again. So it's definitely not the mistake of someone grabbing last year's jersey instead. In the background here, you can see starting RT Jermaine Eluemunor wearing 72 in last year's font as well. This is the only real photo I can find but it's obvious on TV. What's interesting here is that he switched from 65 to 72 this offseason. This indicates another case of the wrong numbers being stitched onto a jersey. EDIT: Found a better pic.
  5. The shoulder bolts absolutely disappear on TV. Looks like a blank white jersey with numbers only.
  6. Cardinals in red pants. Man, that's a uniform that needs updating ASAP. Just terrible.
  7. That actually looks worse than I thought it would. Those jerseys need TV numbers to add a little more powder blue. They look a little too simple as is. Not bad, but could be better.
  8. I haven't seen anyone in New England with last year's jersey. Did you notice anyone specifically?
  9. I like the royal helmets for LA, but I also liked how the navy helmets looked with that uniform. It was distinctive in a way that worked for them, I think. This is objectively better, but I'll miss the old navy-royal-yellow-royal look.
  10. Dolphins-Chargers, too. The Dolphins badly need white socks to wear with the aqua pants. At least they're not wearing monochrome aqua this year, though.
  11. Color Rush in Buffalo makes me think we may get color vs color. The Bills in red would contrast well with the Bolts in navy.
  12. Wow those Rams uniforms look so much worse in this format. I don't understand how anyone could see that on a screen and want to even see a real version. Yuck.
  13. This is awesome. Great name, great colors, great logo, great jersey. I'm excited.
  14. Going to go through my thoughts on all of them: Buccaneers - Would add red socks to the road uniform and some white or silver trim to the alternate so it's more legible. Falcons - Still don't love the side panels but a massive improvement on the newest set. Great job on keeping the theme of the redesign while making it better. Colts - I'm a big proponent of adding a second stripe to the helmet, but otherwise perfect. Browns - Just about perfect here as well. I'm in the brown facemask camp personally, but there really isn't a bad option. Patriots - You should switch out the navy socks for white ones on the road uniform, otherwise it'll be too bottom heavy. Chargers - Perfection. Rams - This is a massive, massive improvement. You did a fantastic job of incorporating the new elements without going overboard. Like with the Patriots, I would switch out the socks on the road so they don't match the pants, or just drop the blue pants entirely. These are all fantastic, I'm impressed. Lots of great font choices, too. Where did you find them?
  15. Decided to update this since the actual uniforms were released. This aims to correct the new uniforms while staying true to their concept. Changes made to the original: Shoulder, pant, and sock stripes changes to reflect patterns found on new uniforms. Collar stripe on white jersey changes from navy to grey to better incorporate the color into the road uniform. Navy over navy and white over grey combos added. Changes made to actual: Font returned to that from previous set. Collar stripe added. Grey pant option added. White sock option added. Numbers added to sleeve caps, logo removed. Navy over grey and white over navy would be the primary uniforms. Navy over grey would be worn for 5 or 6 of the home games and for any road games when necessary, plus all home playoff games, with white over navy being worn for nearly every road game. Navy over navy would be worn for 2 or 3 home games every season. White over grey would be the least used option, being worn once per season if used at all.
  16. I haven't weighed in on the new uniforms yet, been waiting to really think my opinions through. This is basically the first time in my lifetime that any of my favorite teams have made a significant change to their branding. My opinions on the previous uniforms: They'll always be associated with arguable the strongest 20-year run in NFL history, and as a fan, that obviously clouds my judgement. However, I'm generally a pretty big fan of the previous set. The home uniform was a classic. With the exception of the side piping, there really wasn't a flaw in my opinion. The colors were balanced very well throughout, and I loved the combination of navy and silver with red as an accent. It also combined white and silver in the same palette in a way that looks good, which is something that can be difficult to do when balancing them with two other strong colors. The number font was traditional but distinctive. The road uniform is a little worse. I love white striped socks, but the ones found on this uniform made little sense and were a holdover from when Adidas was the manufacturer. The side panels don't look good, but they look better here than on many other uniforms of the same vintage. The stripes on the pants are boring, and silver is only found on the helmet. The color balance is not optimal, but the overall look is still a good one. The new uniforms: Helmet: The helmet is unchanged, and I'm very happy about this. The silver shell used by the team is fantastic, and the red facemask is distinctive. While a polarizing feature, it's always been one of my favorite parts of the uniform. Jerseys: I like the move to the UCLA-style stripes. They have a long history in New England's uniforms, and this striping with the modern colors is a nice medium between the older brands and the modern one. The lack of numbers on the sleeve caps in favor of the Flying Elvis irritates me, but that's a minor flaw. Red as the prominent color in the stripes works well with the the facemask, and the bright red contrasts nicely with the navy jersey. Red/navy/red also looks good on the white jersey. As someone with experience in broadcasting, I dislike an aspect of the uniform meant to make the lives of fans and broadcasters easier being stripped from the uniform, but aesthetically there is little difference. The logo does look good there, although it's repetitive with the logo on the helmet. I'm glad they kept the double outline with the numbers. I've always like the look of white outlined by grey and red. Replacing the white outline with a grey one on the white jersey was a good move for color balance and consistency, and it's one that should've been made for the white jerseys of the original set. I don't agree with the change in font, and I think the previous one was very strong. However, the new one is inoffensive and I have no real issue with it. The jerseys are very strong in my opinion. Pants: This is where things begin to fall apart. The positive: it appears the pants used at the unveiling were wrong and the actual pants fixed the stripe to match the one on the shoulders. I'm not usually a fan of monochrome, but the navy over navy does look good to me. The matching stripes make it work, and the helmet actually works pretty well with them. However, this set desperately needs a silver set to match. These silver pants should be worn for most of the home games, with the all-navy look being reserved for a few games per season. White over navy should be the primary look on the road, and the silver pants can be used occasionally here as well. Socks: I really like the new navy socks. The red stripe at the bottom is a really nice touch. But there should be a white pair to be worn on the road with the navy pants. Just take the red/navy/red stripe from the jersey, throw it on a white sock, and call it a day. Overall ratings: Previous home uniform - 8/10. A modern classic with a few flaws. Previous road uniform - 7/10. A slightly worse version of the home uniform. Home uniform - 7/10. A fine uniform that needs additional pant options. Road uniform - 4/10. Far too bottom heavy, with silver and white on top and all navy below the belt. Needs additional sock option. My fixes here:
  17. Made this concept a few weeks ago, I feel like we'll see something similar to this:
  18. Very curious about the TV numbers. They don't have them on the Color Rush, and I don't see where there's room on this one either.
  19. Looks like the same helmet to me. Teaser seems to hint at a merging of new and old, which would fit the idea of updated Color Rush uniforms.
  20. These look like I'm looking at numbers without wearing my 3D glasses.
  21. Interesting. New England's Color Rush uniforms don't have TV numbers, instead having a stripe over the shoulder and the Flying Elvis on the shoulder cap.