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  1. Washington's Reverse Retros can be added to the long list of alternates they've worn since the current uniforms were unveiled that are superior to the regular look. They really need to ditch their primary uniforms because there's so much wasted potential right now.
  2. The contrast here is way better than expected. What a beautiful game.
  3. They seem to be afraid of wearing yellow. Since 06, they've had the yellow Winter Classic jersey which got worn a handful of times and this year's reverse retro. In that span, they've had 3 different black alternates, one of which was a WC jersey that got upgraded to alternate status. The gold WC jersey never got that even though it was loved by fans. I've always wanted them to bring back this gold jersey from the 40's as an alternate.
  4. Bruins-Flyers tomorrow is going to be orange vs yellow with both teams in black helmets and pants. This is going to be interesting.
  5. I know we're seeing Boston's reverse retro for the first time this weekend. Is that the last one to debut, or are their others that have yet to make an appearance?
  6. I didn't realize just how similar Jacksonville's teal and Philly's midnight green are until I saw this pic. They're really not that different.
  7. I hope the Jaguars wear the teal pants on the road, too. Teal over white, white over teal, and black over teal should be their uniforms.
  8. NFL 2020 thread is locked, so I'm posting this here. Didn't realize it in live time, but Mecole Hardman was straight up wearing the wrong socks during the Super Bowl. How does that even happen? The NFL needs to get it's sock situation together.
  9. The Vegas helmets fall into the so-ugly-it's-good camp for me. I think they could genuinely look good with a different execution. As a novelty thing that gets worn a couple times per season, it's fun. I'm curious to see how they'd look with the gold jerseys.
  10. Vegas is wearing gold helmets tonight.
  11. This is a damn good looking game. Field is in perfect shape, new CBS scorebug looks fantastic, and the uniforms are top notch.
  12. When they paint the Super Bowl logos, how do they handle the gradients?
  13. The Chiefs also changed their uniforms in 2012 when they moved to Nike. The stripes on the cuffs got moved to the sleeve.
  14. I think Arizona deserves a shoutout there, too. When the roof was open for SB XLIX, the lighting all game was awesome.
  15. No way Tampa isn't in red/pewter. The first team to host a Super Bowl and play in it, and their only Super Bowl win is in red/pewter.
  16. This has to be the best the conference championships have looked in a decade. Last one I can think of that compares is 2010.
  17. I totally missed the road part of that comment. My bad lol. The answer is still yes. They wore white over white at least at New England in the 2012 Divisional Round. They also wore all-white as a Color Rush matchup with New England in 2016. There's a game at Indianapolis in 2009. As far as I can tell, these are the only three times. One playoff game, one color rush, and one regular game. Houston lost all three.
  18. Yes, every season since 06 except for this past one.
  19. Those are really really cool. If you can slide the final score in under the logos, I think you really have something there.
  20. The Bengal head is featured prominently, which seems like a good sign. Hopefully, Nike and the Bengals both take a look at how well received Cleveland's and LAC's uniforms were and how hated the Rams' are so far and know to be simple and traditional with these.
  21. The current uniforms minus navy blue and plus red helmets and socks would probably be the best combination of eras IMO. Basically every Bills concept I've ever done has been based on that idea.
  22. Somehow, it took me until now to realize the hem and sleeve stripes for Buffalo's white jerseys are different. Not sure how I feel about that. To be fair, if I didn't notice until now, it can't be that big of a deal one way or the other.
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