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  1. It's championship week, so here's the two teams playing this weekend I have not done yet. No massive changes for either team. The emphasis was on creating consistency with the striping. Kansas City gets a slightly redone logo that features red and yellow instead of red and black. The Packers get the throwback with the yellow yoke back, but swap out blue for green.
  2. Pats won Super Bowls 49 and 51 wearing white and lost 42 and 46 wearing blue.
  3. Alright, that last one was not well received, so let's try again. I made some changes. Block font like the current color rush. Better pattern on the sleeve. Inclusion of white on the black jersey. Gold pants at home.
  4. From a distance, this is a really nice looking game. Great colors. Definitely going to be better looking than Tampa and New Orleans just on that basis.
  5. All fair comments. This is a sleeve design I made a few years ago, and honestly I just didn't really feel like updating it too much. I couldn't think of a way to update it the way I wanted without it coming out like Wake Forest's sleeve design. I may go back to the drawing board and see what I can come up with. I had a block font at the start, but I found I liked how this font looks in gold a lot. When I revisit this, maybe I'll create both versions to compare.
  6. I'm back! It's been a while, but I've got the Saints ready. (10/32) - New Orleans Saints I decided to go in a very different direction than most of this forum for the Saints, mostly for fun. This is a franchise that has tried recently to own monochrome as part of it's identity. Why not lean into it? Here's my take on how the Saints could look if they built the uniforms around monochrome black at home and monochrome white on the road. The core design element here lies in the finish of the gold color on the jerseys and pants. The color rush uniforms found a way to make the gold on the numbers a metallic finish. I'm taking that and applying it to all the gold on the jerseys and pants. The sleeve stripes are replaced with one I've used on a previous concept. Instead of the pattern that is also found in Cleveland, the Saints get a unique stripe with a diamond pattern inspired by the iron railings in the architecture throughout the city. The road uniform is inspired heavily by the color rush, taking the spirit of the uniform and adapting it. A new font, accompanied by a small drop shadow and a thick stroke, matches the feel of the new set. A stripe is added to the socks to match the sleeve and pants, and the stripe on the helmet is made a single color. At home, the white is replaced with black in a uniform that barely features white. Black as the base layer allows the gold to shine and dominate the uniform, and this set is more cohesive than the current all-black set. Gold pants are also an option, with black over gold and white over gold serving as the alternate sets.
  7. The blue gear looks normal to me. The fact that they ever wore black is weird.
  8. I don't think that's true, we've just never seen a team that liked the mix and match make the Super Bowl. I would prefer Cleveland wear brown pants this week for contrast, but it seems like they want orange pants to be their big game ones. I wouldn't be surprised if Cleveland wears them for every playoff game with this set, home or away. And they just won in that uniform, so superstitions and all that. Ravens at Bills should look very nice. I assume we'll see Baltimore in white over purple, which is their best road uniform. That will contrast nicely with the Bills in blue over white. I would not be shocked to see Buffalo wear all-blue, though. They seem to like the blue pants or monochrome for big games. Rams at Packers will look alright as long as LA doesn't wear yellow pants. I think we see a return to bone over bone, although the sock color could go either way. Green Bay will look fantastic. I hope we see the Bucs wear their pewter pants. They already lost at New Orleans in all-white earlier this season. This game would look best with New Orleans in the color rush and Tampa in red over pewter, but, alas, I'm sure we'll see the Saints in all-black. Assuming each team sticks to their primary uniforms, the AFC Championship should look nice. If KC wins, then it'll be their red against either black and purple or blue and white. With a Cleveland win, it's going to be mostly orange against purple or blue. Great color contrasts, and really no bad uniforms in the group. In the NFC, there's two good sets and two bad sets. Tampa at Green Bay would be a beautiful looking game, while LA at NO would be even uglier than the last NFC Championship matchup between those two.
  9. Assuming Cleveland holds on, do they go orange-white-orange at Kansas City? If so, that's a lot of red, orange, and yellow in that one.
  10. I don't love the black endzones, but I've started to come around on them. It is fun to have some kind of a tradition for this specific game, something about the design you don't get at other games. I do wish they used the conference or team logo in the endzones instead of the CFP one however.
  11. I think there have been rumors about the one helmet rule changing, although I may be misremembering something I saw on here.
  12. Honestly, I wouldn't hate for New Orleans to become a WAH team. Wear the all-white throwbacks at home, pair them with gold or black pants and contrasting socks on the road. I don't want the Saints to copy Cleveland and change the colors.
  13. You know we've gone too far when Oregon is the team wearing school colors in a bowl game.
  14. The semifinals look very good. Four great uniforms.
  15. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/30632919/sources-nhl-plans-outdoor-games-lake-tahoe
  16. I don't love Jacksonville's uniforms, but keeping it to just the white and teal pants over black socks would help a lot. Wear teal as much as possible.
  17. I like it, the all-red looks nice. Would probably be better with Georgia in red-red-silver and Cincy in black-black-black, though. I'm a big fan of color v color. Give me more!
  18. The bone wouldn't be quite as bad if they weren't trying to pair it with white. You can't have white and off-white battling for real estate within a brand like that.
  19. Really liking tonight's matchup. The brown pants contrast really nicely with New York's blue. The brown pants are my least favorite of the three, but nights like tonight are why they deserve to be worn.
  20. I wish Alabama was the home team, I think that's a better combination. I don't love Alabama's road look, it's a lot of white. But this is still a good matchup.
  21. Utah-Colorado in the snow is just gorgeous. Both teams have sets that contrast well against the white background.
  22. The Bills should have white face masks, but that's because their helmets should be red. Brown face masks are by far the best ones for Cleveland, and I'm ready to die on this hill.
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