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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the NFL messed up the branding this year. Everyone should have throwbacks, especially on Thanksgiving. 2009 was awesome for the old AFL teams with the throwback games for everyone. That as a league-wide initiative would have been nice tribute to the history of the league and would have increased merchandise sales. That's also a much better distinctive feature of this season than the NFL100 patch. It doesn't even feel like they're trying to celebrate the history of this league.
  2. I really like that jersey, but how have the Bruins not adopted a yellow alternate one yet? Two black jerseys is boring. There's so many good ones to pick from if they want to go the throwback route. I always thought updating this yellow one would be a really good look today. The script is something different that would work really well today on a jersey and on merch. A simple recolor of the home and road jerseys in yellow would also be a good alternate.
  3. Astros and Dodgers both wearing alternate uniforms tonight. What's the point of "primary" uniforms if you don't wear them in your biggest games? This will be the fourth World Series in a row in which the winner will wear an alternate uniform. It's just silly.
  4. Real minor one here, but Brady's wearing the NFL shield on his jersey instead of the NFL 100 logo. Must have grabbed the wrong jersey or something.
  5. The road and alternate uniforms look better with no silver, but the home uniform looks better with it. Balancing three light colors is much easier with a black jersey than with a light colored one. I don't see a solution that appeals to everyone here.
  6. Broncos in all white at the Chargers in powder blue is a good color combo. Packers-Cowboys is another classic one. I don't love the Chiefs in all red, but I do really like it occasionally in primetime. Should be a good looking game tonight.
  7. The Pats are wearing their alternate uniforms 3 times: vs the Giants, Browns, and Chiefs.
  8. Thanks, I must've missed that.
  9. What are the odds this is the primary combo next year? Following the Jags uniforms, I could see the Browns keeping these and pairing them with an all-white set on the road with brown numbers and stripes. The only orange would be the socks and helmet. That really feels like a Nike thing to do.
  10. For some reason, the field gets washed out on sunny days early in the season. I think it just happens when the sun is directly over the stadium.
  11. Jets in white over green, which should make for a good mix of colors in New England.
  12. I'm very disappointed that we won't see those Pats throwbacks. They're awesome looking jerseys, and wearing them against the Cowboys in their color rush 90's jerseys would make for a great throwback game. The NFL in general should have done a lot more with throwbacks this year. In 2009, we got a lot of cool old uniforms with the AFL 50th. This is a wasted opportunity for the NFL.
  13. Looks like the Dolphins endzone is the white and orange diamond pattern to match their throwback uniforms.
  14. Vikings helmets look really good.
  15. I stand by my initial comments on the new brand. The new logo is bad and uninspired, but the uniforms are solid. Definitely some of the better Nike ones. The green is consistent, and helmet is nice, and black is used very well. The stripes are unique and fit the brand without being over-the-top. It's tastefully modern.
  16. Not sure how I feel about the yellow facemasks for the Chargers on the road. The helmet is yellow-heavy, but everything else is primarily navy. It looks off.
  17. Browns just need stripes on those socks and that's a great look for this set.
  18. Those socks are a thing of beauty. Bring back striped socks! When was the last time a team introduced a primary uniform with them?
  19. I think the Brewers are perfect, except for the road uniform. I like the blue text better than the yellow.
  20. I didn't think I was going to like the socks, but I actually love them. This is a great throwback for them.
  21. It would appear that the shoulder number rule doesn't apply to color rush jerseys either. Why this uniform needs a logo instead of numbers on the sleeve, I'll never know.