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  1. All-white is fine for WFT, but white over red and white over yellow are both superior.
  2. I don't think the Pats have surprise silver pants. The best case for those would be wearing them next season or at home this season. The Patriots haven't worn white over silver since 1999, and they haven't worn white over anything but blue except for one game of white-over-white color rush in 2017 and one game of white-over-white AFL throwbacks in 2009. White over navy has been the team's dominant road look for two decades now, and I don't see any indication of that changing. If it does, I don't think they'd surprise us with them against the Rams when the Pats beat them in the Super Bowl wearing white over navy two seasons ago. Kraft adding silver pants for next season for some home games wouldn't surprise me. Them adding anything this season most definitely would.
  3. I have a feeling the Rams will be in all blue this Thursday. They seem to like monochrome for primetime.
  4. Something is off about the cut of the new jerseys for the Pats and Chargers. It looks like the shoulders are too wide, pushing the design too far to the outside. The result is a baggy shoulder cap, and it makes the players look like they have very odd shoulders. It's more obvious on TV, but I think these pictures show it.
  5. It's powder blue over yellow for the Chargers. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIdwJOwg_aK/?igshid=1gzv0dca9tlhk
  6. I know there's a lot of people on this forum that don't like custom fonts in general, but I love them for football uniforms. There's so little space to design that a font and the way it's outlined can really establish a brand. Not all custom fonts look good, but there are plenty that work well. Denver, Baltimore, Houston, Chicago, the old New England font. You see a number in that font and those colors and you'll immediately think of a player. No logo or stripes necessary. There's nothing wrong with a good block font, but if all 32 teams used roughly the same one, things get boring in a hurry.
  7. Yeah, this Denver set is probably the best football uniform out there with side panels. Maybe I'm missing one, but the Broncos make it work better than anyone else I can think of.
  8. Here's some footage. It looks pretty good. I think silver-black-silver-black should be the only home uniform worn, and silver or white pants with blue or black socks should be the road combinations. Keep the blue jersey if you'd like, too. They don't need black pants.
  9. I always thought Carolina's road uniforms looked really good with black socks.
  10. Cardinals wearing white pants at New England today per the Patriots pregame stream.
  11. I actually like the Bucs in all pewter. They don't need an alternate, but if they're going to have one, that's probably as good as it gets. The pewter fabric is definitely too dark, though.
  12. Indy's blue uniforms look so good outside in direct sunlight, it's a real shame that doesn't happen too often.
  13. Washington has a great look with their primary uniforms, but the throwbacks are a great place to start if they want to rebrand entirely. Maroon, gold, and khaki work surprisingly well together. Not sure how you'd design a good road uniform with that palette, but it looks good at home.
  14. This is going to be an up and down week for uniforms. Obviously last night was an abomination, and Monday Night will feature the Bucs in all pewter against the Rams in all bone. On the other hand, we have Eagles in green pants at the Browns, Packers at Colts, and Chiefs at Raiders which will all be great. I like Steelers at Jaguars with Jacksonville in black over teal, too. Do we still do best and worst matchups of the week threads?
  15. First time wearing them at NE since 2010. Pats in all-blue as expected, no surprise silver.
  16. I wouldn't be shocked if Edmonton embraces orange if this jersey is liked by fans. Right now, they're orange at home and blue on the road. This could definitely change that.
  17. This is definitely one of the better promotions the NHL has done. It's fun without being over the top. Teams can be gaudy and embrace the weird without diluting their brands. And we're going to get some genuinely good uniforms out of this, I think. I'm almost certain at least one team will have the jersey become a fan favorite and will see it become the center of a rebrand in the coming years.
  18. Or, to toot my own horn a bit, it could be a silver stripe in the middle to match the numbers.
  19. This is gorgeous https://twitter.com/PeteBlackburn/status/1325900615189467137?s=19
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