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  1. You didn't make any logos. But they're a different color! You see, these are different from the actual Avalanche logos and since they are a different color I'd venture to guess that 10% of this logo is his doing. Which obviously means that if it isn't 100% then it's not copyright infringement. Since it isn't copyright infringement he technically owns this logo. Which means 100% of this logo is his, plus the 10% from the old Avalanche logos, so he owns 110% of this. Which means he made them. I can't tell if that was sarcastic or not, but if it wasn't, then thanks!
  2. I made these uniforms for it. C&C
  3. Oh. I always thought that the colors were awful on the ice. Two-tone blue works for them in my mind because when I think of an Avalanche, I think of snow and ice, which are blue-ish.
  4. Wow, thanks for the enthusiasm!
  5. I just made these quick Avs logos. I think that their current logos are good, but the colors are horrific. I removed black mostly, switched burgandy with dark blue, and made the metallic blue lighter. If you like these, I will make concepts for them. C&C
  6. They're with Adidas, so no. Thanks, I forgot that they were Adidas.
  7. I love your All-Star concept! Could you try making a Bruins yellow third?
  8. Has there been anything on Michigan uniforms? Is their helmet changing permanently? I know that they have used many road uniforms in the past couple years. Would they have a Pro Combat set?
  9. Love them! Just make the logo go all the way around(like the Seahawks) on the Redskins' helmet.
  10. I love all the uniforms that you made! Could you upload all of the final uniforms with the alternate helmets and such? You have made a lot of changes to some of them, so I want to see what your final designs look like. Thanks! Keep up the good work!
  11. Nope. Savy returned again in 2010-11 (and, of course, was injured again). Also, going three-up on a team hardly means they deserve to win. I'm sure you won't say "the 2004 Yankees were screwed out of the pennant by being outplayed!" The Bruins of 2009-10 choked. Plain and simple. Plus, winning the Cup next year completely erased all those bad feelings. Didn't it? Well, Savard came back and had the game winner in OT of Game 1. Everything seemed to be going well for the first half of the series, and then we fell apart. It was heartbreaking for it to happen that way, especially being up 3-0 in both the series and Game 7. Winning the Cup did erase it mostly, though.
  12. 2010 Bruins- they blew a 3-0 series lead, Savard's return
  13. The game will be in New England... That is how the schedule rotation works He didnt mean it as a game in Denver, he meant it as the Broncos playing on SNF. Oh sorry... I misread it
  14. The game will be in New England... That is how the schedule rotation works
  15. While we are on the subject of London, it is rumored that the Pats and Rams will play each other there next year:
  16. I love the Munich ones... But remember that they are European, so try to incorporate something different to them that NFL jerseys don't have
  17. Love it! But the Wings should NOT wear vintage white!
  18. I wonder what a helmet would look like with "Fighting" on one side and "Illini" on the other... It probably wouldn't work, but it would be a cool idea
  19. I love it... I'm not crazy about the sock stripe though
  20. It's really good! try road and alt uniforms next!
  21. Those Canucks jerseys look best with their own blood on it
  22. I love it! The only thing is that the font on "COLUMBUS" and "2013" looks different. Make them the same, and this is perfect!