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  1. 2011 MLB Game 162 was the most satisfying moment as a sports fan that I saw.
  2. Louisville Slugger Field is my favorite minor-league park (been there around 10-20 times) and is probably one of the top 10 minor league parks in the nation.
  3. Congrats to Lamar Jackson on a much-deserved Heisman Trophy (First in Louisville History)!
  4. The Cards now secured the biggest win in school history!
  5. As much as I love Teddy, I say that Lamar Jackson is most exciting Louisville QB I have ever seen. Also, this game might just put Lamar as the Heisman front-runner right now and even make the Cards playoff contenders (if they can beat Clemson and Houston...which is very possible BTW).
  6. What a performance by the Cards today! #Lamar4Heisman
  7. Seeing the VT-Tenn game in Bristol and it was crazy to see how big the speedway was and how quickly the field was constructed (10 days vs 25 days originally). P.S: College Gameday is finally going to Louisville at last!
  8. Doing great in his first two games this season but still needs to beat FSU, Clemson, and Houston to be a true Heisman contender (and that's from a Louisville fan).
  9. Louisville 2017 National Champs confirmed...LOL.
  10. And he did in the first half as well.
  11. My God, Lamar Jackson is a monster tonight (School Record 8 TD's and 405 all-purpose yards)! P.S: It's against UNC Charlotte though.
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