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  1. Excellent template. Looks great! I'd love to see a straight on look as well, especially just the top of the kit. Great job again!
  2. Here is an old one Nike put together for MLB -
  3. Its kind of hard for me to tell but do the letters on the back of the jersey match the lettering on the logo (with the angled serif)? Or is the standard serif font?
  4. Here or on your blog? Looking forward to seeing the numbers optimized.
  5. As a lifelong Hawkeye fan, thanks for not changing the Tigerhawk. Enjoyed your concept. With the jerseys being fitted different recently, they lose the striped sleeves so I liked the shoulder stripes (slight nod to the mid-90s unis). Like others have said, would like to see more yellow incorporated throughout both uniforms. Also, I liked to see the rest of the digits as well.
  6. Back to updating the Backs 5 days a week. Many ways you can check them out: Baseball Backs, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger or Flickr.
  7. Are they having names on the back of their cream alternates this year?
  8. The @ signs are with the date. The number is on one line and the @ sign is on the second. Hit return after the number to put in the @ sign.
  9. Knock yourself out. You have my permission.
  10. Couldn't find anyway to save or export it to a .svg or Inkscape file. Sorry...
  11. I'm sorry. I don't think I can. Is there a .psd to .svg converter? If I could, I would.
  12. OK... so I have the template made as a .PSD file. It contains all six months that are blank. They are two files: one is all the teams squares and the other is the actual wallpaper. If you have used Photoshop before, it shouldn't be hard to figure out how to update it to make it your own favorite team. If you haven't, happy experimenting! If someone so desired, they couldn't as make it into a desktop wallpaper for your PC. Here is the link. If you do make your own, please give credit where credit is deserved. Here are some tips so you can edit the file correctly. 1. The squares go behind the month outline. 2. The @ symbol is on the text layer for the day. 3. You can easily change the color of the text for the off-days.