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  1. Atlanta: While the black and red would match Atlanta's football team, the Braves are a blue and red team. On top of historical reasons, it just looks better that way. However, your design is spectacular. If that black was blue, it'd be the best set the Braves could wear. I love the return of the red bill on the road, lack of nameplates, the consistency of the piping, and the change of script color on the road alt. Philadelphia: Sorry, I just don't get the common love of the old colors. While maroon would be unique, I don't think it pairs well with the blue or the cream. The set just doesn't work together for me. Not that the script and design is bad, I just think they look better in the current set. Miami: Simply beautiful. Love the color choice, even the much brighter choice from your first version(although the road grey is much better on the update). This is the direction they should've gone. Love the Marlins on home, as it should be. Love the consistent placement of the marlin behind the first M, unlike their current set. Love the hats, numbers, and shoes. Only thing that might need a change would be to flip the colors on the stirrups and the road script. Much look okay in it's current state, but might look weird. Overall this is great, especially that lack of black. That doesn't fit the city. Your concept however screams Miami in the best way possible. New York: Personally I prefer the Mets sans-pins especially considering their cross town rival. However, it still looks great. Love the orange alt. I don't care if there's already an orange alt in use in SF and BAL. If MLB can have numerous reds and blues, why not three orange alts? Anyway. Also love the return of the away script. Much more consistent looking with the classic home script. I like that you have two undershirt choices here, like Miami. Used as shown here, it'd be the best possible choice for the given jerseys. Only real suggestion would be the current alt without pins, although I can live with it. Washington: Love the brighter colors, home script, hats, and nod to Expos. However, not sure about exclusive use of DC on hats, as much as I hate the current W. Also, not sure about the red alt. It appears to be, like the hat, a nod to the past, but I think the hat suffices, and a bright blue Nationals script on the red alt would look awesome.
  2. Casey

    randyc's NHL

    Ducks: Love it. Better than what they have. Excellent blending of eras. Calgary: Perfection. Colorado: Only complaint is the black. Edmonton: Not crazy about the widening pant stripe, but other than that, it's perfect. Los Angeles: While I'll always prefer the purple and yellow, this is the direction my Kings should have gone this year. They should have hired you to rebrand. Two suggestions: match the pant stripe to the rest of the jersey and get rid of the Bettman stripes. And possibly add the purple and yellow as an alt? Phoenix: Although I like their current set, this is beautiful and significantly better. San Jose: Don't care for the numbers and I'm not in love with the sleeve design but it's okay and works for them. However, I'll always prefer more orange and less black. Columbus: Awesome. Again, better than the current look. Love the new striping. One less two tone blue team in hockey works for me. However, for the alt, I don't like the numbers and white yoke still looks weird. Overall, excellent work. Can't wait to see more!
  3. What's with the numbers? They all look very similar. And no NOBs? While I don't mind the lack of powder blue, the grey looks off on the Chargers to me, especially with white helmets and especially with a yellow jerseys. I think if you made the grey white, it'd look really nice. I love the Texans. Much better than what they currently have. Although I'd rather see the blue jerseys paired with red pants. And I'm not crazy about the horns, but they kind of work for the Texans. Atlanta looks nice, but I think would improve with a red lid (at least for the road and alt) and different stripes on the pants.
  4. The Yankees, while classic, don?t look great. The Mets look better without pinstripes. The Cowboys have some of the worst uniforms in the NFL. I like the Padres update. The NY Rangers look bad. Easily the worst of the original six. Every single case of drop shadow is terrible. I love the tequila sunrise jersey. Better than the majority of the jerseys worn by Houston throughout the years. I love the Burger King jerseys. Much better than the current home plate shield and arguably better than the Gretzky era set. I don't hate road pinstripes, especially on the Rockies. It works even better now that they're alone. I hate grey facemasks even on teams with grey in their color scheme. I love the nameplates on the Flyers. The Lightning and the Coyotes have never looked better than they currently do. I don?t mind vintage white. In fact, I?d welcome its use on select teams on an everyday basis. However, some color palettes just don?t work. It looked great on the Rangers yesterday, but terrible on the Flyers. I'd like to see hockey, basketball, and football go almost exclusively color-on-color. I may be biased having grown up in L.A. and following the Lakers and longing for the Kings to return to the original set, but it still looks good in many other cases. Remember the Thanksgiving game between the Pats and the Lions in their throwbacks? Beautiful. The new helmet numbers in the NHL don't bother me one bit. Numbers on the front of the jersey, such as the current Sharks and Sabres, and the former ATL thirds, are way more of an eye sore. I wish every football uniform would look something like Michigan?s did earlier with the big ?M?. I see no reason to have a number on the front of the jersey. The jersey itself already has three other spaces for numbers, plus spaces on the helmet and wristbands, etc.