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  1. Makes sense...whenever I see Sir Winston Churchill, I think of training for American Football.
  2. This is all Nike's fault -some idiot later in this thread.
  3. My prediction: "Rutgers" effect Pewter shell, Chrome red/orange 2 tone facemask with the inner continuing to the center stripe (a la Georgia Pro Combat), oversized logo.
  4. I don't usually care about facemask designs but that's badass. Literally. Iron Man facemask by BadAss Masks I don't believe you are correct. This is their Iron Man mask. Ah, my bad, good catch. Pretty close. Ugly nonetheless ha
  5. I don't usually care about facemask designs but that's badass. Literally. Iron Man facemask by BadAss Masks
  6. "Amateur" may not be the best word to use, but in my opinion it makes the helmets look unfinished. Like someone forgot to add the last coat of paint/gloss/what have you. As for matte looking higher end, sorry I don't buy that. Not as far as football is concerned. Just because something (a finish) evokes a certain look (high end) in one industry (watches) doesn't mean that will carry into another industry (football). For the longest time standard gloss has been the "the" look when it comes to what a football helmet "should" look like. When I see a matte helmet I don't think "oh wow, that's high end." I think "that looks off." For me, the only place a matte finish looks proper and professional, are the insides of fenderwells of a vehicle and the rubber hoses used for vehicles and appliances. Matte finishes always look like the person is cheap and can't afford a nice gloss finish. I don't care if you want a matte finish look, it just looks cheap and looks like you can't afford to look good and don't care to. That's just me. Totally. Gross.
  7. Just above the pen, 'Dri-Fit' is pretty clearly visible.
  8. RBK is slowly weaning off of making hardgoods as they focus on cross-fit Source: Anyway, these are awful.
  9. Seriously though, it would be really cool if they took 'Velociraptor' literally They could then go 'multi color' like the Toronto FC crest posted a few pages back.
  10. The debut of the beveled Dallas Stars logo is reminiscent of when The Coca-Cola Company introduced New Coke back in 1985. Customers didn't like New Coke (most of them hated it) so the leading beverage company was smart enough to bring back the original formula as Coca-Cola Classic in a relatively short period of time. For whatever reason we'll been stuck with New Coke (the beveled Dallas Stars logo) come June 2013 even though many Dallas Stars fans don't like it. The gold and green Stars logo on our jersey is our "Classic Coke". Dallas citizens, season ticket holders, and fans want the original formula back. Back in the late 1990s bevels were somewhat of a fad and teams like the San Jose Sharks came out and beveled their logos. Most Stars fans weren't surprised that San Jose did sort of went with their sparkle threads they wore at the time. After realignment, 13 other conference schools don't use beveled logos. A classic, traditional mark is the standard in the Conference of Champions. Our classic star fits in perfectly with the traditional logos used by the other teams. Obviously beveled logos don't belong in the to-be-named conference. Often when things don't make any sense it comes back to money. If, for some reason, the block star on the crest has problems with trademarks, copyrights, or licensing, perhaps the logo can be modified or accented with something that is correct, visually balanced, and less embarrassing. Emphasizing the "D" doesn't have to be done with beveles. The beveled logo will look bad when reproduced on smaller embroidered items. The bevels will rarely be the correct width and the actue trapezoid angles are almost impossible to reproduce. Simpler is better on smaller, embroidered items. The lack of any punctuation consistency killed me, but I had to do it for the lulz.
  11. Again, that argument is stupid until one of the collar designs changes. And then it's still stupid. What's wrong with a nice little extra detail? With a huge percentage of Vikes fans being of Norwiegan heritage (myself included), I love it. Panthers "Keep Pounding" is meaningful and Seattle's "12" is awesome.